Benefits of Walking for Serious Weight Loss

Benefits of Walking for Serious Weight Loss

Benefits of walking for serious weight loss, this is part 19 in our twenty-part series designed to help you better understand Serious Weight Loss For Women.

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Part 19: You are here – Benefits of Walking for Serious Weight Loss

What are the benefits of walking?

Benefits of Walking for Serious Weight LossWalking is easy for most of us and one of the best exercises for a lot of people.  For anyone who cannot participate in any kind of high impact workout due to a physical limitation or current health condition such as rheumatism – walking is the answer.

And walking may be the perfect exercise for beginners who as a primary step, want to boost their own base fitness level. Walking is a fun, manageable exercise that even the whole family can enjoy. And it’s a great way to take in some fresh air and perhaps enjoy a little of what nature has to offer.

The benefits of walking for serious weight loss and better overall health are numerous and include:

1. Improves Heart Health – Most people don’t realize this incredible benefit of walking – possibly because it’s something we take for granted and a lot of people purposely avoid at every opportunity.

Walking actually helps burns calories and stored fat while also lowering your LDL (the BAD cholesterol) level. LDL (short for Low density lipoproteins) which can put you at a greater risk for coronary heart disease – including atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and hypertension.

Walking, like other forms of exercise, has proven to be effective in lowering one’s high blood pressure too. But unlike most other exercises – walking requires no special equipment or practice. And there limit to how far you can walk – or how quickly you move.

Those experiencing hypertension can often experience this tremendous positive effect of walking, immediately following a workout. If you are already taking medication for hypertension and have been given the green light from your doctor to participate in low-impact exercises, give walking a try. If it agrees with you – you’ll probably want to continue walking regularly.

2. Serves as Your Weight Loss Partner – Daily walking has shown a directly impact in one’s weight loss results over the long term, especially when combined other low-impact exercises and a lower consumption of calories. The benefits of walking for serious weight loss should not be overlooked.

Walking is a healthy thing to do at any age. Doctors recommend it for children to keep them more active and less likely to develop childhood obesity and the risks it brings. Childhood obesity can start early and can continue through to adulthood. So getting kids moving at an early age is a step in the right direction.

3. Boosts Bone Health – When you exercise regularly exercise it actually strengthens your bones and boosts their density. A simple walk every day can improve the symptoms of chronic bone conditions like osteoporosis. Walking can also help prevent such a debilitating condition.

For women in their forties, now is the optimum time to begin protecting the bones, so you don’t suffer from osteoporosis later in life, like so many people do.

Medical research clearly indicates that simple everyday exercise – like walking, for example – can significantly improve the bone profile of women in general. Even those who have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis can benefit from walking as exercise, as long as it is supported by effective supplementation and a healthy diet.

4. Better Mind & Memory – Recent research demonstrates that not only does simple exercise like walking improve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body, it also improves the nervous system, including the brain.

How exactly can such a basic exercise benefit the brain?

Walking has proven to boost the brain in numerous ways, including:

  • Improved cognitive function in general
  • Improved memory – both short term and long term memory
  • Improved creative thinking (better attention, perception, problem solving and decision making)
  • Faster recovery from mental fatigue means improved productivity
  • Better mood regulation plus a notable decrease in chemical secretions that contribute to anxiety and depression

Exercise costs you nothing yet leads to a happier life!

5. Cancer Prevention – Physical exercise (including walking) engaged in on a regular basis builds a stronger, more resilient body. The simple act of walking every day can help you avoid numerous forms of cancer – including breast cancer and prostate cancer.

How does the act of walking – something that seams so easy and natural – actually help prevent cancer?

Several theories abound support the idea as to how exercise like walking can prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading in the body:

  • Lower Insulin Levels – Exercise of all kinds lowers the active secretion of insulin in the body. Medical science believes that insulin is responsible for the transmission of chemical signals directing cells to multiply. Cancer cells are rogue cells that have overtaken normal cells. When cancer cells spread, it’s often uncontrollably and throughout the body, affecting different organs.
  • Lower Estrogen Levels – High estrogen levels in women has been linked to a more rapid spread of cancers like breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. Exercise helps lower the estrogen secretion in the bloodstream, actively obstructing the growth of cancer cells.
  • Better Bowel Health – Exercise also leads to better bowel movements. Being physically active helps the body push waste through the colon more efficiently. Doctors believe that more efficient waste processing means that any exposure to carcinogens is significantly reduced. This in turn lowers the risk of developing cancers like colon cancer, which form from food-borne toxins.
  • Less Inflammation – Walking helps minimize tissue inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infection and injury. But inflammation ramps up the temperature of the afflicted area of the body, and this can lead to the growth of pathogens.

When inflammation takes place repeatedly in the same area, normal cells tend to multiply above the normal rate. But this can lead to mistakes in the genetic code of normal cells which can actually lead to cancer.

6. Stress Relief – Stress affects you in many ways. Not only does it zap you of any motivation to lose weight – it affects every part of your body, including your heart and liver. You feel wiped out and weary – the opposite of how you should be feeling every day.

Whenever you feel stressed – get out there and go for a walk. Walking helps lower stress levels by enhancing the body’s natural production of endorphins. Endorphins are our natural painkillers and they make us feel good again. The benefits of walking for serious weight loss and lowering stress can be realized by almost anyone. It just requires a decision on your part and a willingness to follow through. Exercise of all kinds is recommended as a safe and natural way of managing stress and losing weight. And among all possible exercises – walking is the easiest.

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