Best Diaper - Why We Choose Pampers Swaddlers?
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Best Diaper – Why We Choose Pampers Swaddlers?

Best Diaper“What is the best diaper on the market today?” I overheard this question while I was in the grocery the other day. I was in the infant section planning to buy the pampers swaddlers for my sister who will soon give birth. These swaddlers are newborn diapers that help your child remain dry and comfy while he or she sleeps.

Modern disposable diapers now are built soft, safe, and in breathable materials that allow your baby to move whatever activity your child is doing. These newborn diapers, the pampers swaddlers are not only a staple in most homes, but you can also find it in hospitals as well. Thus, for me pampers swaddlers are the best newborn diapers today.

And to prove my claim, I will be writing this best diaper review.We will explore key features of the diaper, learn about its benefits and drawbacks, and in the end understand why parents choose this diaper for their baby.

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Pampers Swaddlers Key Features

It can be overwhelming for first-time Moms to go to the grocery and not know how to select the right brand for your little one. One look at the product package can even confuse you more with all the details that you need to consider. When deciding on the right diaper for your baby, factors such as fit, comfort, absorbency, and budget are aspects that you must look into.

Read below a few of the key features of the pampers swaddlers and see why I approve of these newborn diapers.


newborn diapersBabies wear diapers for a period of time. Diapers allow them to move, play, or sleep at night while still being comfortable. It is important that they are comfortable because when babies are uneasy, for sure it will be a perpetual battle of crying. This situation is not only hard on babies but also for their Mothers as well.

With the pampers swaddlers, your baby is swathed in a diaper with blanket-like smoothness. Moreover, it has a countered notch for the umbilical cord that safeguards your child’s sensitive tummy.


To be more comfortable, babies need to be dry even while they are wearing diapers for a certain period of time. This is essential especially when you are traveling with your baby or when your child sleeps at night. When your child gets soaked in wetness it can result in irritating and painful diaper rash.

Basically, you never have to worry about your child getting soaked when you use this diaper because it has a wetness indicator.  This feature notifies you when your child is in need of a diaper change.

Furthermore, what is wonderful with this newborn diapers is that it has air-dry channels which allow your child’s skin to breathe while being dry and comfy.


Likewise, it is crucial that diapers remain in place even when your baby moves. Pampers swaddlers have gentle, soft, and elastic sides that permit child movement while the diaper stays in place. Moreover, it has an absorb away liner that draws away mess and wetness from your child’s precious skin. Again, this will ensure that your baby stays comfortable and prevents them from suffering diaper rash.

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What’s special about these newborn diapers?

Similar to other Moms, I did go through numerous diaper brand changes before I finally decided on the best diaper for my little one. I believe that like me, other parents are loving the pampers swaddlers because of how it focuses on babies’ comfort by keeping them dry.

Again, I love too how the diaper is so smooth and soft like a blanket. The brand also uses a super-absorbent gel in the center of its product that takes in all the wetness keeping the infant dry. Take note though, you don’t need to worry in case you see tiny drops of gel on your child’s skin because it is non-toxic.

As a brand, Pampers gives high importance to the safety of their customers. That is why Pampers products are hypo-allergenic, latex-free, and many newborn diapers do i need

You may be wondering how many newborn diapers do I need to buy the first time? Refer to chart for recommendations.

A tip to keep in mind, when you purchase diapers you need to consider your baby’s weight and not the age. Right now also, many hospitals will provide you newborn diapers when you go home so check it out before you buy a lot of diapers upfront.

Don’t purchase too far in advance, before you know it, you will find that your baby has grown to the next diaper size.

Pampers Swaddlers PROS and CONS

Let’s talk about the PROS and CONS…


Listed below are reasons why parents love these newborn diapers.

  • Softness – When it comes to softness, nothing beats the blanket-like smoothness of the pampers swaddlers.
  • Dryness–Again, the diaper uses a super-absorbent gel in the center of its product that takes in all the wetness keeping the infant dry. It also has a wetness indicator that notifies you when your child needs a diaper change.
  • Protection – The diaper has an absorb away liner that draws away mess and wetness from your child’s precious skin. It is an essential feature in this product because it prevents your child from suffering baby diaper rash.
  • Great gift for showers –Typically, you will see pamper swaddlers included in the baby diaper shower gift ideas. When you give these newborn diapers as a gift, you are not only helping that family but also introducing them to a fine product.
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Meanwhile, these are issues or drawbacks that I found that you must know before buying.

  • There are reports of parents encountering inconsistencies in the quality of the diapers. Although the number of reports is marginal, still it is something that must be looked into.
  • Others likewise report of getting diapers with a powerful scent. This can be troublesome since once your baby wears the diaper it will soon have a strong scent too. It doesn’t need any assistance in that part.
  • Some parents wish that the pampers swaddlers will have a pocket at its rear similar to the brand Huggies for blowouts like number two.

Best Diaper, Pampers Swaddlers ─ Our Verdict

Most hospitals choose pampers swaddlers for newborn babies. A quick glance on its website will show you it received more than 50, 000+ reviews. On the other hand, on Amazon, it has a 4.4-star rating and 2,000+ reviews. Based on these figures, you will know that parents are supporting and buying the product.

With features such as wetness indicator, absorb away liner, and air-dry channels, Moms and babies need not worry about infant diaper rashes. Besides those, with its soft material, it is like your baby is swathed in a blanket. Parents are also loving how the diapers stay in place and with the right fit they do not need to worry about side leaks.

Taking everything into consideration, you now understand why for me the best diaper is the pampers swaddlers.

See our ratings and verdict below…

Price: LOW | Quality: HIGH | Comfort: HIGH | Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5

We hope this best diaper review helps with your search for the right diaper for your child.

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