Fisher Price Auto Rock n Play Sleeper - ​Sleeper & ​Playtime Seat in One

​Fisher ​Price ​​Auto Rock n Play Sleeper:
A ​Bedtime, ​Naptime, ​Daytime & ​Playtime ​Life-​Saver!


​Sleeper & ​Playtime Seat in One

​Need a quick solution for your teary-eyed newborn? Enter the ​Fisher ​Price ​​Auto Rock ​n Play Sleeper. It’s been called a life saver before, with just the right angle, relaxing music, sounds and hands-free rocking to soothe baby to sleep. When baby’s ready to play, songs, sound effects and linkable clacker toy to keep baby busy and entertained. the extra-deep seat and breathable mesh sides make the Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper a dream for the both of you, day and night, at home or away.

  • ​Sleeper & playtime seat in one. Two rocking speeds.
  • ​Comfy incline helps baby catch those zzzzz’s
  • ​Hands-free rocking motion at the push of a button
  • ​12 songs & 3 sound effects
  • ​AC plug for battery-free operation

​​​​Over ​1,​​900 CUSTOMER Reviews!


Fisher Price Auto Rock n Play Sleeper
Fisher Price Auto Rock n Play Sleeper

​Fisher-Price Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper Overview

​Late nights. Middle of the nights. Early mornings. Mid-day meltdowns. Nothing a cozy sleeper with just-the-right angle can’t help. With the addition of hands-free rocking with two speeds, music and sounds, this is the ultimate sweet dream machine.

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