25 Games To Play With Little Kids Games To Play With Little Kids

25 Games To Play With Little Kids

Are you trying to keep your toddlers busy, we have 25 exciting games to play with little kids I promise they will enjoy. We all love toddlers, but have you ever felt like you needed a few minutes of peace and quiet free from the screaming and shrieking that kids are so famous for? I know I do; more times than I’m willing to admit!

If you have a kid below 5 years, you need to be always watchful of what they do. Little Kids are born adventourous, they can be wild and dangerous and can cause quite some damage to your property or their own health unless you keep them occupied.
It is not uncommon to find your wall completely repainted with your baby’s favorite crayons. It gets even worse when you have more than one young child and you have to keep them under control. My friend’s kids broke their glass coffee table, pulled down the sitting room curtains, spilled a carton of milk, and peed all over their new carpet; all within the five hours I had visited.

If you need to keep a toddler busy, there are many things you can try. But, you need activities that will keep your kids busy for more than 5 minutes. The games need to be easy and fast to get started with little or no preparation. Below, we’ve compiled a handy list of 25 games to play with little kids that require no prep at all.

Games To Play With Little Kids

games to play with little kids1. Alpha-Bit Cereal

Start teaching your kids the alphabet. This is an awesome way for toddlers to learn the alphabet and have a little snack at the same time.

2. Popsicle Bath

This is perfect for you particularly if you live in hot areas or during the summer. Instead of sending your kids outside to eat popsicles, put them in a bath. This is very entertaining for them and has no mess. It’s also helpful and fun for teething babies.

3. Feather or Cotton Blow

Kids love blowing feathers or cotton balls. Let the kids blow them across a table or the floor. If they are old enough let them use a straw. Be prepared, they’ll keep you busy picking up feathers or cotton balls.

4. Plastic Egg Find

Gather some plastic eggs and put tiny items inside. Kids love opening the plastic eggs and discovering a surprise. Plus it’s great for helping toddlers learn fine motor skills.

5. Block Stacking

Kids love stacking blocks. If you don’t have blocks, outdated CD’s work great. Grab a number of blocks or old CDs and have the kids stack them up till they are as tall as possible.

6. Old Jewelry

Gather any old jewelry you no longer care about and let the kids play with it. Kids love shiny things, especially the big chunky bracelets and necklaces. If you don’t have any you can get some cheap ones from yard sales.

7. Stickers

Get your kids their favorite stickers. You can get sticker books or just find the stickers and let the kids line them up on any peice of paper.

8. Wallet Treat

There is something about wallets that attracts toddlers. Kids love taking things out of wallets and putting them back; well, sometimes. Get an old wallet and some expired cards and let your kids go wild with it.

9. Pots/ Pans/ Utensils

Kids love imitating grown-ups. Give them some pots, pans, or other utensils and let the kids play with them. If you put a bit of water in a bowl and give the toddlers a whisk, they’ll think it’s the greatest thing on earth. Maybe a little messy but water is easy to clean up!

10. Water Painting

Get some colored construction paper and have your toddler paint whatever they want on it. There is no mess and they’ll absolutely love doing it.

More Games To Play With Little Kids…

11. Pipe Cleaners and Strainer

Have the kids thread some pipe cleaners through a strainer. It’s so easy and a lot of fun! Plus, it helps them with their coordination and learn colors when you give them different colors to work with.

keep your toddlers busy12. Cardboard box or Laundry Basket Race

Prepare a start and finishing line and have the kids push one another in a cardboard box or your laundry basket till they get tired.

13. Cookie Sheet Magnets

Get some magnets and a used cookie sheet and let the kids go to town! Magnets are fascinating for toddlers.

14. Trash basketball

Find a plastic ball and a trash can and you’ll be amazed at how long this will keep your kids busy.

15. Solo Cup Stacking

Do you have any leftover plastic cups stashed in some cabinet in your kitchen? It might be time to bring them out for a quick game of stack and build. Your kids will have a blast stacking them and it gives them a sense of accomplishment every time they stack a cup successfully.

16. Glow Sticks

You can get a few glow sticks from the dollar store and turn off the lights! Glow sticks are great for keeping your kids occupied especially at night.

17. No Water Bath

Get the kids in a dry bathtub with a bunch of their favorite toys to play with. Kids think it’s cool and when finished you can just wash the mess down

18. Kids bowling

Gets some toilet paper tubes to use as bowling pins. Find a soft ball or you can even use a roll of toilet paper. Easy to set up and great fun for the kids.

19. Hide-and-seek

Most parents forget about this game, but toddlers absolutly love playing hide-and-seek. This will be one of their favorite games and so easy and fun for Mom and Dad to.

20. 52 Card Pickup

We’ve all played this game! This is another great activity for fun and entertainment, but also a great tool for developing motor skills. Beware, in the end you may be picking up the 52 cards!

21. Egg Carton Sort

Get any old egg carton you have lying around and have the kids sort the little toys or other small items in every egg slot.

22. Kids Exercises

This is really fun for the kids and for Mom and Dad. Teach your kids some easy exercises that are safe for kids. They love following Mom or Dads lead. Great activity for the whole family.

23. Road Rally

This works well if each kid has their own toy car. Use painters tape to make a small road on your floor for their toy cars. Get creative but make it fun and easy for the kids. They’ll love it!

24. Paper Towel/Toilet Paper Tube

Tape an old toilet paper or paper towel tube to a wall and have the kids drop stuff down the tube. When they get tired of that let them yell inside the tube, they love that!

25. Paper Airplanes

What kid doesn’t love paper airplanes? Show your kids how to craft a nice paper airplane and see how far they can go.

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We hope you enjoy these 25 games to play with little kids. A connected, caring and active family environment can positively influence the behavior of every kid.

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