Graco Play Yard Review

Graco Play Yard Care Station

The Graco Play Yard care station also known as the all in one Graco pack n play has an infant seat that doubles as a bouncer, a changing station, storage for essentials and a large baby playard. Everything you need for nap and playtime.

Being a vigilant Mom, for me, the Graco Play Yard is a dependable baby playard. Previously referred to as playpens, a playard is a secure area where you can allow your toddler or baby to play or sleep while you do your work, household chores, or take a quick bathroom break.

graco play yardChoosing a playard for your baby is not an easy task. While there are other safe options where you can place your little ones, playards offer some advantages you won’t find in others. Some of these advantages are available bassinets that likewise work as bouncers and changing stations. In any case, it took me months of research before I finally settled on this specific Graco Play yard model,
Graco Pack n Play Playard Snuggle Suite LX.

With my sister being pregnant now, I decided to write this product review to help her and hopefully other parents decide and find the right product that will meet their needs. Essentially, in this Graco Play yard review, I will be tackling design details, key vital features, and highlight positive and negative customer reviews.

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Graco Pack n Play Playard Snuggle Suite LX Design Details

Before thoroughly examining this baby playard, let’s take a closer look at its product specifications in relation to its size and weight.

  • Assembled Dimensions: 33.25” x 40.0” x 28.5”
  • Folded Dimensions: 33” x 10.5” x 10.5”
  • Product Weight: 34.39 lbs.


  • Comfortable resting or sleeping area for your baby
  • Features a protective canopy to shield your child
  • Doubles as a bouncer where you can also use a soothing two-speed vibration or have your baby listen to soothing music or nature melodies
  • Removable which allows your baby to be close to you wherever you go
  • Includes a three-point harness to guarantee the safety of your baby

Infant/Toddler Changing Station

  • Sizable changing station suitable up to 30 lbs.
  • Features built-in storage where you can place your baby’s vital supplies
  • Accessible and convenient changing area
  • Easy to reach diaper changing station which prevents you from suffering back pains

Graco Pack n Play Key Features

graco pack n playFor parents, especially mothers like me, multitasking is an essential ability. Nowadays, it is widely common for us Mom’s to juggle career, household chores, and Mommy responsibilities. What I like about the Graco Pack n Play Playard is that its available features highly suit the need for a work from home Mom like me. Having this product with me at home, allows me to move around and do my thing while my baby is safely placed in the playard. Here are a few key features that I love the most and want to emphasize:

Intuitive Design

As I mentioned earlier, multitasking is vital to an all-around Mom like me. This baby playard with its multifunction abilities perfectly suit my work and home daily needs. More than that, it is built to transition with your child starting from newborn to toddler. It uses premium materials guaranteeing your baby’s comfort.

Besides these, it provides and plays gentle music and nature melodies allowing your baby to relax and sleep soundly. It also showcases a soft light which permits you to check your baby from time to time.

Safe and quick switch function

With a mere push and raise move, you can quickly shift from the bassinet or the changing station and place your baby to the wide space play area. Wherever you decide to position your baby, you can be sure he or she is safe because of the premium materials used to produce the baby playard.

Includes a Bassinet and Changing station

I can never get enough that this baby playard includes a bassinet and an extended changing station. The baby bassinet/infant seat allows me to do other household chores like cook, prepare meals or do the laundry while I closely monitor my baby near me. Because of the playard size, I will not be able to relocate it in the kitchen or even the laundry area. Good thing it has a detachable bassinet with a protective canopy which you can bring anywhere with you. Additionally, with the changing station within my reach, diaper change is a breeze without me suffering back aches and pain.

Easy to clean

Taking care of a baby involves never-ending diaper change, cleaning up of mess, and multiple wardrobe changes. It can be absolutely overwhelming at first, however, the Graco Pack n Play Playard comes with an easy to clean fabric that makes your life smooth and uncomplicated. Just use a gentle soap, warm water and wipe away!

On one hand, to keep the high quality of the product, when sand gets in the playard see to it you remove everything before storing in the bag. Keep in mind that sand can break and damage the playard’s main rail lock.

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What’s So Special About the Graco Baby Playard?

Having chosen the Graco Pack n Play Playard, I believe what is special about this product is its intuitive design. As I mentioned earlier, this baby playard boasts of multifunction abilities which perfectly suits the needs of working parents. What’s more, those planning to have several kids will be able to save money on playards and use only one consecutively because of its durable quality. Take note also that the product features safe locking wheels. It sees to it that the playard stays in place and doesn’t roll away or move placing your child in danger.

Furthermore, know that the brand meets the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) safety requirements. This means that the brand or product passed a quality control test and is safe to use. As parents, of course, you wouldn’t want to endanger your child by choosing a product that is substandard.

Graco Pack n Play PROS and CONS

Indeed, with the Graco Pack n Play Playard being a dependable and versatile baby playard, it is a solid choice for any parent. However, to ensure my review will be fair, I will list down here product features that I feel requires improvement and highlight positive functionalities.


Here are again positive features of the playard that I love the most. Take note of it and learn why I selected the Graco Pack n Play Playard for my baby. With these vital features, I know you will also benefit from and enjoy this great product.

  • Once again, the design of this baby playard is intuitive. It allows me to multitask, specifically takepack n playcare of my baby, while doing other chores. Moreover, it is built to transition with our child starting from newborn to toddler. The diaper changing station is suitable for up to 30 lbs.
  • The product is portable. Though it will take you considerable time to fold and store, but you can bring it with you when travel and visit families and relatives.
  • It meets ASTM safety requirements. You know your baby is safe when you choose this brand. Aside from this, note that the bassinet/infant seat showcases a three-point harness to keep baby safe. Also, the product features locking wheels making sure the baby playard stays in place.
  • Allows you to quickly shift function, from bassinet or changing station to wide space play area. Furthermore, with the extended changing station, you can easily reach your baby for a diaper change and not suffer any back pains.
  • Simple and easy to clean premium material. You only need a bar of gentle soap and water to wipe away the dirt.
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There is no such thing as a premium product without any flaws. While I did buy this baby playard, there are a few drawbacks to it that you must know before making that final decision. Though I encountered these shortcomings, it is, however, marginal on my part.

  • Since the playard is sizeable, it can be difficult at times to move and relocate because of its size.
  • My husband and I had a bit struggle with following the product instructions in assembling the baby playard. There were steps, I believe that were not included in the manual.
  • With that said, it took as a while in assembling the product.
  • Lastly, with all its bells and whistles it will also take some time to fold and store the playard.

Graco Pack n Play Playard Snuggle Suite LX – Our Verdict

Having received a 4.5-star rating in Amazon, I can say that it is not only me who has made the right decision in choosing this baby playard. Again, with its intuitive design, safety features, and quick to clean material, I can say this is the markings of a good quality product.

Based on Amazon reviews, a lot of parents are loving the bassinet and changing station. These two features are really making life easier for parents who have a lot to handle in their hands. Likewise, for a branded product under $300, I will consider it a reasonable deal.

Ultimately, adding this baby playard in your home will reap you lots of benefits. The Graco Pack n Play Playard in my book is one product worthy of your hard-earned dollar.

See our ratings and verdict below…

Price: HIGH | Quality: HIGH | Safety: HIGH | Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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