How to Find A Nanny Guide

Learn How To Find A Nanny That’s Right For You and Your Baby!

Most parents agree, figuring out how to find a nanny including how much does a nanny cost, nanny interview questions, nannyHow to find a nanny qualifications and a nanny job description can all be overwhelming and anything but simple.

Due to personal circumstances some parents need help and hiring a nanny can be a lifesaver. When a newborn comes home, everything you knew about life is turned upside down. Fatigue, anxiety, household chores, impending work schedules, children, pets, errands, and the list goes on. All of this can put you on your heels fast.

Don’t wait until you need a nanny, plan ahead. Many parents wait until they need help and roll the dice by placing an online ad. Yes you can probably find a nanny in a short amount of time, but have you really made the right selection? Do you really know who’s in your house with your newborn? This is a scary thought and deserves more reflection.

Fortunately, in this post we will show how to find a nanny that you can trust from day one. We’ll break it down for you. You’ll learn; how much a nanny cost, the best nanny interview questions and the nanny qualifications you should demand. We’ll also give you some tips on what you should include in your nanny job description.

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You will learn how to make an informed decision and feel confident in your choice of finding the best nanny that meets your expectations and one you can trust with your baby.

How to Find a Nanny, Where to Start?

A nanny will be one of the most important people in your child’s life, besides you. The person you choose that meets your nanny job description will play a critical role in  your child’s overall development.  Here’s how to find a nanny that’s qualified and who you can trust.

Online Searches

Online searches are a great place to start. You can do an online search for finding a nanny in your local area by using a search engine like Google or Bing. Simply, type “how to find a nanny” in the search bar and the search will display the top results.

You can also filter your options down by looking for the results in your area by adding your city and state at the end of your search query. A myriad of information will display including the top nanny agencies near you. Your search results will also yield information on babysitters, daycare providers, nanny agencies and childcare providers. You may also see several top nanny agencies and childcare providers in your local area who are paying for ad space on the search engine’s website.

Qualified Childcare Recruitment Agency

Using a qualified childcare recruitment agency is a great way to find the right nanny. Most agencies have already eliminated a lot of your biggest concerns by doing full background checks on all candidates.  Candidates are pre qualified before they are allowed to visit your home.

Another great benefit of using an agency is sometimes parents don’t know exactly what they want.  Therefore, the agency can help make suggestions based on your family’s dynamics. Agencies can send several candidates to your home so you and your baby can interact with them one on one. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the right nanny based on their answers to your nanny interview questions and their interaction with you and your baby.

Network Childcare Providers

Networks can be a great way to find a nanny through online forums with other parents who recommend a specific nanny or trusted agency. Network apps like Bambino on Facebook will connect you to a nanny in your area. The app even provides you and the nanny a booking confirmation on your smartphone. A word of caution using apps, even though a nanny is recommended, you should always pre-qualify a nanny by calling their references first before you schedule an interview.

Online Search Tips

To search online for a nanny by city and state, copy and paste one of the following search methods into your browser search bar. For your location just change “dallas” with your city. Note, these search methods may not work for all locations. Have fun searching…

“agency” “nannies”
“agency” “nannies” “dallas”

Remember, it’s very important that you do your own research, never trust the online listing alone. You should check the agency’s website, read customer reviews and check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if the agency is listed by BBB. Also, call the agency and speak to a representative to get a first impression. After you have narrowed down your list then you can schedule appointments to continue discussions.

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How Much Does a Nanny Cost?

How much does a nanny cost is a great question and you need to know the answer before you start any interviews. We will help answer below using this report as a reference which was published in 2017 by the INA Nanny Benefits and Salary Survey for national averages inMom researching nanny cost the United States.

  • The national nanny average hourly rate in 2017 is $19.14 per hour.
  • The national live-out nanny average salary on a full-time basis is $766 weekly.
  • The national live-in nanny average salary is $670 weekly.

According to the report, a live-in nanny is cheaper as far as salary goes than a live-out nanny. This is because you are covering room and board expenses for a live in nanny. Remember a live in nanny lives with your family on a permanent basis? There’s a big difference between a nanny going home at the end of the day and one who never leaves. There are benefits to having the extra help 24/7, but you must establish your expectations upfront.

A good tip is to take your time researching a live in or live out nanny. Make a list of the pros and cons on a piece of paper and have a family meeting to discuss the pros and cons.

One of the most important steps is first create a budget.  Verify all costs upfront so you can determine if you can afford a nanny? Once your budget is done, you can choose the best nanny that meets your needs based on what you can afford.

Additional Considerations – Questions (Q) and Answers (A):

Q: What are the standard nanny working hours?
A: A live-out nanny typically works from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday – Friday.

Q: What additional nanny expenses are involved?
A: Extra expenses can involve things like food, toiletries, utilities and etc.

Q: Do you pay the nanny taxes?
A: Yes, part of your obligation as an employer is to pay nanny taxes.

There are a lot of things you must consider to find the right nanny . Your quickest and easiest path is to work with a nanny agency or a qualified childcare recruitment agency.

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Nanny Interview Questions

Your nanny interview questions are a very important part of finding the right nanny. It doesn’t matter who the nanny interview questionscandidate is, you will need to ask some serious questions. It’s important to review each candidates resume and make sure their references are legitimate.

Interviewing someone you know can be more difficult than someone who you don’t know. When it comes to someone you know, it’s important to make sure they understand what you expect for paying them.

Interviewing someone you don’t know can be a lot easier because you’re starting with a clean slate. It’s a lot easier to set boundaries with someone you don’t know versus someone who is already close to you.

Interviewing candidates from an agency is a good option because the candidates are already pre-qualified based on your requirements. They understand what will be expected from them before they walk through the door.

Here are 5 key questions to start with during a nanny interview:

1. How long have you been caring for children?
2. What are the age groups that you have cared for?
3. Do you have a favorite age you like to care for and why?
4. Do you have other life or work experience that helps you as a nanny?
5. What nanny positions have you previously held and for how long?

You will learn a lot about each candidate just from their answers to these 5 questions. A good tip for the interview process is to take notes on each candidate, so you can compare notes later and make a more-informed decision. Once you have recorded the candidate’s answers to all of your questions, it’s time to discuss the job description and requirements.

Your primary discussion should be about the care of your child. Make a detailed list beforehand so you can discuss all your expectations. Be specific, discuss everything from feeding times to making formula, bathing, clothing, diaper changes, play time, sleeping schedule, daily updates and etc.

Once the baby details are worked out, it’s time to talk about what’s required for household chores. Hiring a nanny can have additional household benefits such as dishes, laundry, vacuuming, running errands, pet care and etc. But you must be upfront and clear about what you expect. Make sure all of your requirements are clearly presented. But keep in mind, you are hiring a nanny and not a maid.

Here are some key questions (Q) you should avoid during the interview and why (W)?

Q: Never ask them about their personal hardships they may have encountered.
W: You can appear to be too invasive and lose the candidate.

Q: You should never ask a question that turns into a story of “I remember when…”.
W: This can derail the interview, keep the interview focused on your expectations and their experience and qualifications.

Q: Never ask them a question about how they feel about your pet peeves or demands.
W: Just stay focused on your prepared questions.

Q: Even though you want to know as much as possible about each candidate you cannot ask them about; race or ethnic background, religious views, sexual preferences, marital status, disability or even their arrest record.
W: You have to follow legal guidelines and these types of questions are not allowed. And further more you cannot legally claim any of these reasons for not hiring a candidate.

If you are thoroughly prepared and explain the process to each candidate, keep the interview a conversation and not an interrogation and show respect, you are more likely to get detailed and honest answers to all your questions.

Nanny Qualifications

Being a good caring person is definitely a qualification you want and should hold considerable weight with your final decision; however, that’s not theNanny qualifications complete goal here. When it comes to nanny qualifications, there are three areas that you should focus your attention on:

1. Education – Due to the fact that there isn’t legal criteria a nanny must have before being a nanny, you should check for classes or any certifications that proves the candidate is serious about their role and is qualified to watch your baby. For example, has the candidate taken any basic skills test or are they certified as a newborn care specialist?

2. Training – Does the candidate have any prior training and first-hand experience with young children, especially babies other than their own. This is a good sign that the candidate can handle and multitask scheduling details, sleep-training, feedings, soothing, diaper rashes and much more. All of which, comes with having experience.

3. References – A candidate that makes your short list should have a blemish-free background record and excellent references. Calling your candidate’s references is an effective method and vital step for measuring their work ethics and work history. Try to get at least five references including at least two personal references. If any candidate is reluctant to give you this information, it’s a big red flag!

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Nanny Job Description

Getting started with your new nanny will require a conversation about the nanny job description in full detail. You want to be specific and clear about your expectations as well as have a written job description. It’s important as the employer to observe all wage laws. Use a signed contract that clearly describes the job details, agreed wages, benefits, and payment schedules, including upfront wages, advancements or loans.  In your job description be specific about your childcare style. Help your nanny to be successful by clearly defining your expectations.

It’s a good idea to start with a trial period. Get to know your nanny before you sign a longer term contract. This will give your nanny and baby a chance to get to know one another. Seeing is believing, just because a nanny looks good on paper, doesn’t mean she’s the nanny for your babies. You can learn a lot from your child’s interactions during the trial period.

Encouraging a strong relationship with your child is your first priority. Keeping you informed daily is paramount. You should require daily updates in your contract and discuss boundaries. For example, what constitutes an emergency and when your nanny should call you at work?

Trust your nanny from day one, but always verify the information, and I don’t recommend using a spy camera. Trust is built one day at a time, and it’s a two-way street. Listen to your nanny’s ideas and help her be successful. Try to avoid any schedule changes and come home on time. If you are going to be delayed call to alert your nanny.

You can help your nanny adjust to the job by showing respect, trust and gratitude. Constructive criticism may be required sometimes, but be respectful. It’s also important to recognize your nanny’s major achievements. A small gift card to their favorite store, flowers or cash tips can go a long way.

Strive for a Long-Term Relationship

Nanny job descriptionSince your nanny is basically going to be a second mother to your baby, building a long-term relationship is best for you and your baby.

Most problems that come up in any relationship are due to a lack of trust and effective communication. Create an environment where your nanny is comfortable communicating with you on a regular basis.

Remember to always be respectful and professional with your nanny, and you will have better success of building a long-term relationship and a new friend for life.

Yes, how to find a nanny for your baby is not a simple process. But what do you expect? Remember you are trusting your nanny with your most precious gift in life, your child.

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