How To Potty Train A Toddler? The No Sweat Potty Training Makes It Easy

​How To Potty Train A Toddler?
No Sweat Potty Training Makes It Easy

How To Potty Train A Toddler


How To Potty Train A Toddler Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

How to potty train a toddler should not stress you out. There's no getting around potty training, it something every parent has to do. But there is a quick and easy solution, it’s called No Sweat Potty Training. This program shows you how to create a foundation for success before you try to eliminate the diapers.

How to potty train a toddler, with some kids, it’s relatively easy. But with others – not so much. You try everything and sometimes it might work and but most of the time it fails. You’re left scratching your head as you continue to search for the secret.

Common Approaches Don’t Always Work

How To Potty Train a Toddler

It’s this willy-nilly approach I suspect that most parents engage in. They make several attempts to potty train their toddler - until their frustration boils over. Then they get serious about finding a proven method that works to consistently deliver results. If you’ve tried various things to get your child to start using the toilet but haven’t yet succeeded – don’t worry. Your life is about to change in a positive way.

No-Sweat Potty Training - How To Potty Train A Toddler And Get Results

Now, there's no reason to wing it anymore. No sweat potty training simplifies the procedure of how to potty train a toddler into a simple system of steps. It promises to be easier with just about any child - even if you've had nothing but frustration after frustration with yours.

No sweat potty training by Dana Obleman(an expert who’s already shared her knowledge with tens of thousands of parents) teaches parents a simple program that works. It’s a program of praise and rewards for success as children learnand adapt to the toilet and away from diapers.

By the way, Obleman recognizes that daytime training is different from nighttime training and that it’s still okay when you begin your potty training to continue to use diapers at night for the first little while. Her reasoning is simple: bladder control at night takes longer to master.

A Strong Foundation and Consistency – Not Gimmicks

No-sense potty training is a realistic approach and not a gimmick. It's a simple system of rewards that engages the child and gets them interested in their own progress. This involvement that gives them an active role, introduces responsibilities, and allows them to experience pride at their progress.

Mark The Day On Your Calendar

You make a big deal of it in advance. You plan going diaper free as a special event – a day they’ll look forward to. It takes this kind of anticipation to get your child involved and looking forward to the day much like they would anticipate a birthday.

The ultimate goal is for what the author calls “potty independence”. That means they should be able to undress,wipe, flush, dress, and hand wash themselves. It can take time to get to that point.

Consistency is Crucial

The secret is to be consistent. Once you’ve made the decision to start, you need to stick with it and not revert back to ‘diaper dependence’. When you get some resistance from your child - don't give in. Giving in only teaches the child that you don't really mean what you say.

Rewards may include a small amount of candy, a sticker or coupon - that sort of thing. You ditch the diapers during the day and involve them in paying active attention when they need to go.

Offer tremendous praise and rewards for success when they do. What's different about No-Sweat Potty Training from other programs is that your child is allowed to wear diapers at night, since the author considers daytime and nighttime training to be two separate things.

Use A Timer

Another useful tip from the program is to use a timer. You sit them on the potty for a set period of time– 10 seconds for example. Set the timer and tell them they only need to sit there until the timer sounds. Doing so earns them one small reward. But more importantly, it gets them used to sitting in the toilet.

Then, you gradually increase the time that your child is sitting on the potty. Do so until they get comfortable with the idea and sit there happily until they go.

No Sweat Potty Training - What's Included?

  • No sweat potty training video library
  • No-sweat potty training fast start guide (28 pages)
  • Success certificates, reward coupons, and training charts for your child
  • ​No-sweat potty training book (55 pages of solid, step-by-step instructions)

Fact – Kids Have Little Motivation To Use The Potty

One of the things that makes potty training so difficult for parents is that kids have no motivation to begin their training. They're used to wearing diapers and they're comfortable with you taking care of them. After all, why change a good situation?

It’s human nature to prefer to leave things the way they are. Change is one of those things that most humans despise - and your toddler’s reluctance to switch from diapers to the toilet is a clear indication that resistance to change starts at an early age.

How Do You Know When Your Boy or Girl Is Ready For Potty Training?

According to Dana Obleman, if yourchild is 22 months or older and developing normally - and there's no extra stress like home relocation or the arrival of a new sibling- then they're probably ready. The child needs to have good motor control and be able to accept simple directions. It's also best if they can go a few hours without needing a diaper change. With these basics in place –it’s time to begin your own “how to potty train a toddler” training.

Once your child is ready for potty training, the sooner you get started, the better it is for them. The author is not a huge fan of pull-ups style training pants, since it keeps kids dependent on diapers much longer than they need be. This only make it harder to get kids potty trained.

How to potty train a toddler? You can get started with the complete “No-Sweat Potty Training” system right now — because everything is accessed online via the Internet!

  • ​The “No-Sweat Potty Training” Guide (55 pages)
  • ​Bonus #1: Your Fast-Start Guide & Workbook (28 pages)
  • ​Bonus #2: Reward Resources (20 fun certificates, charts & coupons)
  • Bonus #3: The Complete Video Library (Five videos dealing with the trickiest parts of potty training!) 
How To Potty Train A Toddler



  • Teaches your child “potty independence”
  • Saves money on weekly disposable diapers
  • Makes less life less stressful for everyone at home
  • Helps eliminate the daily chore of constant diaper changing
  • Doesn't work instantly as your child will still be wearing diapers at night a little longer
  • It's readily accessible – so you can start this immediately anytime of day or night - without waiting for delivery
  • Useful trainingthat helps make the stressful battle of going to the potty (complete with tantrums and regular accidents) a thing of the past


  • Doesn't happen instantly (wearing diapers at night for sometime is considered normal)
  • ​It’s a downloadable multimedia training program (so text needs to be read on computer or ereader, or printed out and videos need to be watched on a computer or tablet)


No Sweat Potty Training, Does It really Work?

Everybody thinks they know how to potty train a toddler – until frustration gets the best of them. Then they start to look for answers. Well, we can heartily recommend No-Sweat Potty Training because actually works. If you want to get on with your life and help your child get trained on the potty, we think you’ll find this resource  to be invaluable.

Remember children are often physically ready earlier than parents think they are. The longer you leave your child in diapers, the more they get comfortable with the concept. So, the sooner you can move them along in the process - the better it is for all concerned. Start today and discover this simple system with a proven track record of success.

See our ratings and our overall verdict below:

How to potty train a toddler? Don’t let frustration get the best of you, follow this proven plan…No Sweat Potty Training. Everything you need to potty train your child. Be diaper free in ONE day!

No Sweat Potty Training


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