Kids Learning Games – Top 50 Educational Games
Top 50 Educational Games

Kids Learning Games – Top 50 Educational Games

Kids learning games or educational games are a perfect solution to entertain kids while at the same time help them learn how to think and solve problems.

If you are looking for a way to spark the interest in studying and exploration with your little one, kids learning games may come as a perfect solution – no matter your child’s age.

Yes, I know you want to keep your child entertained but it’s also important to start working with them early on to develop their cognitive skills. With educational games you can foster your child’s desire for knowledge or even make them fall in love with not-so-likable subjects such as math or geography. These types of games encourage soft skills, problem solving, logic, and cooperation.

Let’s face it, in today’s world it’s easy to give your kid a smartphone or tablet and that will probably keep them entertained. But sometimes, it’s best to put away all those fancy electronic gadgets and give your child a good educational game that will keep them entertained and help them develop their coordination and motor skills.

How do you know which games are the most fun and best educational games? Rest assured, we’re here to help. In this article we will cover our top list of 50 kids learning games. 

Let’s get started…

Kids Learning Games – Ages 1 to 4

Kids learning games for ages 1 to 4. The attention span for kids 1 year old to 4 years old is very short. Kids 1 -4 are distracted very easily. When choosing games for this age group focus on entertainment first plus simple coordination skills. Here are some great ideas for this age group.

Roll and Play by Think Fun1. Roll and Play by Think Fun

Think Fun is an endlessly fun, family-bonding cube and card game that will keep your toddler interested in learning more about colors, objects, animals, numbers, and activities.

Through rolling plush cubes, kids will develop motor skills, creativity, language skills, and confidence.

Trusted by parents worldwide, the game has 48 game cards providing endless learning opportunities and helps create an even stronger bond with your child as you learn and play.

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2. Baby’s First Blocks by Fisher-PriceBaby's First Blocks

Baby’s First Blocks by Fisher-Price

Introduce shapes and colors to your baby with this Baby’s First Blocks game.

Your little one will start sorting and placing blocks in a bucket, developing fine motor skills, problem-solving, and curiosity.

As your baby grows, combining these colorful blocks will help with independence, strength, and confidence skills.

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Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard3. Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard by AMOSTING

Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard by AMOSTINGToddlers (2 years and more) can spend some great time playing with this mushrooms nails designed board game while learning how to match and combine chunky buttons.

Kids adore animal pictures printed on these buttons – frogs, fishes, ladybirds, birds, as well as trees, houses, trucks, etc.

The nicely-designed buttons will arouse your little one’s creativity and foster their fine motor skills and coordination.

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4. Peg Board Set by SchoolzyKids Learning Games

Peg Board Set by SchoolzyPeg Board Set is an educational game that teaches babies and preschoolers to recognize and match colors and shapes.

At the same time help build their fine motor skills plus some basic math skills of adding and subtraction.

This game is perfect preparation for STEM learning games your child will start playing sooner than you think.

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Zingo Sight Words by Think Fun5. Zingo Sight Words by Think Fun

Zingo Sight Words by Think FunIf your kiddo is at the age of 4, then it is the right time to try out this pre-reading fun game.

It will help little ones to recognize sight words and improve their critical thinking and language skills.

Developed by educators, this entertaining game will help youngsters their reading skills and is intended for kids up to second grade.

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Robot Face Race6. Robot Face Race by Educational Insights

Robot Face Race by Educational InsightsHelp a crazy little inventor build his robots by finding missing robot heads.

This feature-finding game is just perfect for kiddos at the age of 4 as it doesn’t require reading but still helps develop their scanning, matching, and creative skills.

It will help your child sharpen their visual concentration, which is an essential pre-reading requirement.

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The World of Eric Carle by Briarpatch7. The World of Eric Carle by Briarpatch

The World of Eric Carle by BriarpatchGive your 3-year old cutie a chance to discover the world of playful learning.

The World of Eric Carle is a counting floor puzzle that will teach your child building, collecting, and counting (which are early math and coordination skills).

The game shows them how to transform a caterpillar into a gorgeous butterfly.

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Peaceable Kingdom Alphabet Bingo8. Alphabet Bingo by Peaceable Kingdom

Alphabet Bingo by Peaceable KingdomAlphabet Bingo is so fun and easy to play, it teaches children basic things in a variety of subjects (i.e. letters, math) and encourages their recognition and concentration skills.

Even though this is a traditional game, it is highly creative and beneficial in terms of improving your kid’s social skills and their emotional well being.

Primarily for youngsters 4 years and above.

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Boggle Junior by Hasbro Gaming9. Boggle Junior by Hasbro Gaming

Boggle Junior by Hasbro GamingPreschoolers love word games, and Boggle is as a perfect choice when it comes to developing their matching and combining skills.

Cute, colorful card pictures will keep youngsters entertained while practicing recognition, spelling, and grouping skills.

Little ones can learn all the letters of the alphabet this way, while the older ones eventually start transforming those letters into words.

This game is suitable for kids ages 3 and up.

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Spelling by The Learning Journey10. Spelling by The Learning Journey

Spelling by The Learning JourneyIntroduce spelling to your 4-year old with this self-correcting colorful card set.

These cards, match familiar three and four-letter words most kids understand which helps encourage the learning process with your little one in a fun way.

The game helps to develop confidence, basic problem solving skills, focus, and improve motor skills!

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11. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game by Educational InsightsKids Educational Games

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game by Educational InsightsOne of the best-selling preschool games in the last few years is The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel – an endlessly fun and easy-to-understand board game that teaches kids colors.

Besides color learning, this game helps youngsters starting from the age of 3 develop their fine motor skills, strategic thinking, matching skills, and coordination.

It doesn’t require reading and it is intended for up to 4 players.

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Matching Letter by Little Treasures12. Matching Letter by Little Treasures

Matching Letter by Little TreasuresPreschoolers starting from the age of 3 and up find the Matching Letter board game so much fun!

Parents and kids can spend some bonding time and learn new things at the same time.

For example, while learning the alphabet, spelling, and matching letters, cute cubes and cards also help little ones improve their social skills, memory, coordination, word recognition, and strategic thinking.

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13. Pete the Cat the Missing Cupcakes by BriarpatchPete The Cat The Missing Cupcakes

Pete the Cat the Missing Cupcakes by BriarpatchPete the Cat and his friends will entertain the whole family.

This educational board game will encourage your little one’s decision making, cooperation, and memory skills in a creative and incredibly easy way.

Kids learn to find and identify animals, foods, words, songs and cupcakes with their parents or friends and of course Pete and Grumpy Toad.

This learning game is a perfect gift for children at the age of 3 and includes up to 4 players.

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Spelling Puzzle14. Spelling Puzzle by Star Right

Spelling Puzzle by Star RightStar Right created a game that makes it so easy for your child to learn how to spell. You’ll be amazed at their progress.

The goal of this game is to introduce basic reading, spelling, and grammar skills to kids and help expand their vocabulary.

Additionally, the Spelling Puzzle encourages critical thinking and is great enjoyment for youngsters.

You can start playing this game with your little one from the age of 4.

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Alphabet Bingo Games 15. Alphabet Bingo Games by Trend Enterprises Inc

Alphabet Bingo Games by Trend Enterprises IncIf you would like to introduce an old school game to your children, then Alphabet Bingo is the one.

Created for kids ages 4 and up, this game helps develop their language skills while keeping things entertaining.

A game you can play with your kids 6 different ways.

This is an educational game that helps with learning letters and words and is great fun for the whole family.

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Go Fish Alphabet by School Zone16. Go Fish Alphabet by School Zone

Go Fish Alphabet by School ZoneKids love the Go Fish Alphabet game. Playing with the colorful and cute cards is loads of fun.

Yet, at the same time, they can learn uppercase and lowercase letters, ABCs, get familiar with animals, matching and recognizing words with pictures, and much more.

Some kids even learn to spell, thanks to this game. Once your little one masters these basic preschool cards intended for kids ages 4 and up, they’ll be ready for the next challenge.

School Zone has many more kids games to help entertain and educate your child.

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17. Smarty Pants Preschool Card Set by Melissa & DougSmarty Pants Preschool Card Set

Smarty Pants Preschool Card Set by Melissa & DougPreschoolers (age 3 to 5) love this playful, lively-design, educational game that teaches them basics of math, challenges them to seek and find pictures, twist their tongues, and assembling puzzles.

This game comes with an age-appropriate dose of humor (pant-shaped puzzle case).

Cards are beautifully designed and will keep both kids and adults giggling, while the light tone will make learning seem fun and interesting.

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104 Magnetic Letters Numbers by Star Right18. 104 Magnetic Letters Numbers by Star Right

104 Magnetic Letters Numbers by Star RightStar Right created a magic letter set to introduce children to language and math in an interactive way.

Parents love how easy and quick kids learn vocabulary, sentence building, punctuation, and basic math skills with ease.

This game will enhance their creativity, logic, and help prepare kids at the age of 4 for activities they’ll face in school classes.

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Kids Learning Games – Ages 5 to 7

Kids learning games for ages 5 to 7. In this age group your child is in pre school or starting school. Your child is learning skills to be self sufficient. Their learning skills really start to develop in this age group. So focus on games that are slightly more challenging but fun and rewarding. Check out these fun educational games.

Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game19. Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game by Learning Resources

Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game by Learning ResourcesThese chunky-sized, playful-colored blocks encourage kids to create different shapes and patterns.

By matching shapes and discovering different patterns, your kid will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Use the activity cards to boost their brain up even more. This game is perfect for children at the age of 5 or more.

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Scrabble Junior Game by Hasbro Gaming 20. Scrabble Junior Game by Hasbro Gaming

Scrabble Junior Game by Hasbro GamingWe bet one of the dearest memories from your childhood is playing the Scrabble game with your parents and friends.

Now, it’s time to introduce this wonderful, fun, and educational game to your children as well.

Colorful picture clues and lovely character tokens will make your little ones fall in love with this game. The Scrabble Junior Game helps kids match letters, form words, and spell. Recommended for kids 5 years and up.

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Race to the Treasure by Peaceable Kingdom21. Race to the Treasure by Peaceable Kingdom

Race to the Treasure by Peaceable KingdomRace to the Treasure is a strategic, cooperation game that encourages shared decision making and logic skills with kids 5 years and up.

It accommodates up to 4 players, of which all players are engaged in the game and can have endless fun playing!

Kids and adults have fun working together to beat the ogre.

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XL Wooden Magnetic Letters by JQP22. XL Wooden Magnetic Letters by JQP

XL Wooden Magnetic Letters by JQPEasy to carry and play with, the JQP wooden puzzle board is a great way for your 3 to 6-year old to learn alphabet, numbers, and more about animals, flowers, and trees.

Kids don’t even realize they are learning while playing with this 151 piece puzzle set.

If you want to help your little one develop their cognitive ability, improve hand-eye coordination and visual perception, and build fine motor skills – the JQP set is your solution.

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23. Money Bags by Learning ResourcesMoney Bags: Learning Resources

Money Bags by Learning ResourcesWe all know most kids don’t like math, right?

With the game Money bags your little will learn how to count and calculate.

This cartoon game will help develop some basic math skills and teach kids the value of money.

It makes great fun for kids 7 years and up. Even parents while love getting to the bank as well.

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Math Dice by Think Fun24. Math Dice by Think Fun

Math Dice by Think FunThis mental math game helps with developing critical thinking and math skills with kids ages 6 or more.

It is perfect for youngsters who like challenges and smart games.

Many teachers in elementary schools use this game to help teach their students

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Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs

25. Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs by Dan & Darci

Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs by Dan&Darci

Foster your child’s love for animals and history through the Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs game kit.

It includes 12 different eggs with 12 different dinosaurs. Each egg comes with an explanation of the species and characteristics of a certain dinosaur.

This is a perfect STEM project for young paleontologists (6 years and up) that encourages imagination, logic, and memory.

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Monkeys Up by RoosterFin26. Monkeys Up by RoosterFin

Monkeys Up by RoosterFinRoosterFin designed this game that’s fun for everyone from the age of 6 to 106! Kids go bananas flipping, switching, and stealing monkeys to get the best score.

The game helps develop memory and strategic skills.

Works perfect for a birthday gift, for having friends over or a good ole family fun night.

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Snug as a Bug in a Rug by Peacable Kingdom27. Snug as a Bug in a Rug by Peacable Kingdom

Snug as a Bug in a Rug by Peacable KingdomSnug as a Bug in a Rug is an extremely interesting, playful game for kids ages 3 and older. Their are 3 levels of play that grow with your child.

Colorful bugs teach the kids more about colors, shapes, numbers, matching, counting, rolling a dice, and spinning.

This game encourages positive self-esteem, cooperation, creativity, problem-solving, and emotional well-being.

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Sum Swamp by Learning Resources28. Sum Swamp by Learning Resources

Sum Swamp by Learning ResourcesSum Swamp is a fun game intended for developing your 5-year old skills.

Kiddos simply love rolling the dice and roaming around the colorful swamp as they hob-nob with swamp animals.

This is great preparation for first grade, as youngsters develop strong math skills and the love for numbers through play.

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29. States and Capitals by Flash Kids Flash Cards Series

States and Capitals by Flash Kids Flash Cards SeriesFlash Kids presents a friendly, interactive game for learning states and their capitals.

Each package contains 88 sturdy, colorful, and flashy cards.

Each card will help your child develop language, reading, and memory skills.

Kids love learning about each state and their capitals. This set is great for kids ages 5 to 6.

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Square Panda by Panda Phonics30. Square Panda by Panda Phonics

Square Panda by Panda PhonicsSquare Panda is designed as a multi-sensory system for kids 2 years and older to help them discover letters, learn the alphabet and build vocabulary – all this while listening and enjoying playful rhymes.

The system has different learning levels for kids up to 8 years old.

Parent’s can track your child’s progress with letters, then words, while combining visual effects, touch, and listening skills at the same time.

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31. Math Game by Learning Resources

Math Game by Learning ResourcesIf you would like to spark the interest with your kiddos for math before grade one or if you want to help them approach math in a friendly and fun way, this game may come as great help.

Through practicing addition and subtraction, children will have fun and learn basic operations very quickly.

The game comes with 90 math-fact cards, which kids love and parents can see first hand as their little one starts learning basic math skills.

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Matching Letter Game by Little Treasures32. Matching Letter Game by Little Treasures

Matching Letter Game by Little TreasuresMatching letter game is a great way to introduce your preschooler to alphabet and spelling. This will help children expand their vocabulary by combining and transforming words.

Spend some fun time teaching your beloved one different objects and animals printed on these colorful and nicely-designed cubes and flashcards.

This game helps kids with improving concentration, memory, strategic thinking, and developing social skills and overall better cooperation.

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Zingo Bingo by Think Fun33. Zingo Bingo by Think Fun

Zingo Bingo by Think FunZingo is a great educational game for pre-readers and early readers that encourages youngsters to develop language and matching skills.

Intended for ages 5 and up, Zingo Bingo is a game for up to 7 players.

It provides lots of fun for the whole family while preparing the little ones for school through fast-paced learning and play.

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Splash by SPV34. Splash by SPV

Splash by SPVSplash is an interactive, active game that encourages kids to act quickly and think cleverly. Winner of 5 Best Children’s Game and Top Family Game Awards.

The goal is to grab a dolphin before another player, and up to 4 players are included – that requires concentration, strategic thinking and fast action.

This game is great for kids 6 years and up,  and both boys, girls, and parents love it.

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35. Lab Set by Learning ResourcesLab Set: Learning Resources

Lab Set by Learning ResourcesFoster an interest in STEM with your little one and help them grow the love for science with this Lab Set.

This game will encourage a child’s observation skills and broaden their understanding of science terms.

Ideal for ages 4 and up, Lab Set comes as an ideal gift for youngsters to develop visual and tactile skills.

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Create Your Own Window Art36. Create Your Own Window Art by Made By Me

Create Your Own Window Art by Made By MeUnleash your child’s creativity with this endlessly cute playful set for designing window stickers.

Optimal for kiddos 6 years and up, this game encourages them to be creative and original.

Little ones will discover new colors, how to combine them, how to create their personal style, and most importantly of all – they’ll so much fun!

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Rock On by iLaughLearn37. Rock On by iLaughLearn

Rock On by iLaughLearnSTEM-based, hands-on learning game, ideal for kids in elementary school.

Rock On is a great way to give your child a chance to explore Earth’s geological treasures.

Youngsters will get familiar with rocks and minerals from 3 different classes in an easy and fun way while growing love for nature and science.

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Anatomy Models by Learning Resources38. Anatomy Models by Learning Resources

Anatomy Models by Learning ResourcesAllow your kid to get a deeper idea and understanding of internal organs and how they interact.

This set includes the human body and skeleton, brain, and the heart.

Little scientists always have fun exploring how things with the human body work thanks to this interesting, yet realistic hands-on set that so creatively introduces medicine and anatomy.

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Magnetic U.S. Map Puzzle by Learning Resources39. Magnetic U.S. Map Puzzle by Learning Resources

Magnetic U.S. Map Puzzle by Learning ResourcesThis 45-piece puzzle set teaches kids names and shapes of all 50 America’s states in an interactive and entertaining way.

Ideal for kids 4 to 12 years old. Kids love to visually learn where they live.

The magnetic set will encourage your little one to recognize shapes and colors, learn where they live and help them start learning some basics of geography.

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Kids Learning Games – Ages 8 and Older

Kids learning games for ages 8 and older. In this age group your child’s coordination and learning skills are in high gear. You need to focus on educational games that challenge their minds and their overall coordination. Here are some really cool educational games for this age group.

STEM Learning by IQ BUILDER40. STEM Learning by IQ BUILDER

STEM Learning by IQ BUILDERThis STEM game stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, which means it helps build these different advanced skills for kids up to 15 years old.

IQ BUILDER does exactly what its name suggests – develops your child’s learning skills and creative capabilities.

Kids love this game because they are so proud of what they can design and build. It is a creative, problem-solving, brain-building game that’s fun for kids and adults.

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41. Kanoodle by Educational InsightsKanoodle: Educational Insights

Kanoodle by Educational InsightsKandoole is a really interesting and intriguing colorful puzzle and pyramids game that may seem simple at first sight. But don’t be fooled.

In fact, it is way more challenging than you might imagine, as there are hundreds of possible combinations to discover.

If you would like to challenge your 7-year old or older kiddo with a challenging game, this is the game. This game will boost your child’s critical and strategic thinking, as well as problem-solving skills.

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Miss Bernard is a Wild Card by All Things Equal, Inc.42. Miss Bernard is a Wild Card by All Things Equal, Inc.

Miss Bernard is a Wild Card by All Things EqualBoth kids and adults love playing cards with Miss Bernard, a brave and a bit silly school teacher.

If you are looking for ways to make the whole family laugh out loud while the kids are learning how to read and develop math skills, this game is the one!

Intended for elementary school age, this hilarious card game will also help your little ones improve strategic thinking and sentence-building skills.

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Trivial Pursuit by Hasbro Gaming43. Trivial Pursuit by Hasbro Gaming

Trivial Pursuit by Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit is a fun-filled game for children 8 years and older. Kids and parents love this great family game.

The whole family can test their knowledge in 6 categories and learn lots of new interesting things and facts.

With 1200 questions in store, this game represents an endless source of entertainment for youngsters, while developing their brain as well as memory skills and concentration.

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Cat Crimes by Think Fun44. Cat Crimes by Think Fun

Cat Crimes is a hilariously-designed logic puzzle game that provides a stealth learning experience for kids 8 years and up.

Kids can develop their logical deduction and critical reasoning skills as they drift through challenges. Parents love playing this game with their kids.

The Cat Crimes game grows with your child providing new challenges and becoming even more interesting and challenging over time.

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Race To Infinity by BeGenio45. Race To Infinity by BeGenio

Race To Infinity by BeGenio

Looking for a way to help your kiddo enjoy math more and reduce anxiety over the subject? Race To Infinity will help kids fall in love with Mathematics through a playful and interactive way.

This brain-teaser game will help your 7-year old (and up) gain critical math skills and overcome the fear of math in just 4 weeks.

Race To Infinity will help your child develop deductive reasoning, decision making, and analytical thinking skills.

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46. Chain Reactions by KlutzChain Reactions: Klutz

Chain Reactions by KlutzDoes your kid love building things? Then Chain Reactions will become their favorite game.

Including more than 30 elements, 6 balls, 8 ramps, 1 platform, and much more. The game provides endless entertainment options.

Chain Reactions encourages children 8 years and up to be creative, develop ideas and logic through building amazing machines. Parents are amazed at what their kids create.

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Smart Circuits by Smart Lab Toys47. Smart Circuits by Smart Lab Toys

Smart Circuits by Smart Lab ToysDesigned for kids 8 years and up, the Smart Circuits game encourages their STEM skills through building gadgets and 3D projects in an electronics lab.

With a lot of LED lights, youngsters will enjoy each second playing this game and getting familiar with the basics of electronic engineering and modular systems.

Wire up the fun with a computer microprocessor.

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48. History of the United States by Professor Noggins

History of the United States by Professor NogginsProfessor Noggins has an awesome, interesting game for kids who love history or the ones who need a bit of a push towards this important subject.

Intended for children 7 years and up and parents beware, it can be challenging for parents as well. Fun for the whole family.

History of the United States is a card game that will spark their interest while encouraging youngsters to think logically, communicate with other players, and improves their memory and concentration.

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Suspend Family Game by Melissa & Doug49. Suspend Family Game by Melissa & Doug

Suspend Family Game by Melissa & DougThe Suspend Family Game is an exciting balancing game for the whole family.

Kiddos 8 years and up love the challenge of connecting and balancing rod components

The Suspend Family Game helps build your child’s cognitive skills, coordination, and interpersonal skills.

Believe us when we say even adults will be hanging on the edge of their seats during this game!

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50. Pandemic by Z-Man GamesPandemic: Z-Man Games

Pandemic by Z-Man GamesIf you would like to spark an adventurous spirit with your kiddo, the Pandemic is a game that will make them feel like they are a superhero.

On a special mission to save the world from 4 diseases, children learn about biology and chemistry and the skills of winning under pressure.

Can you save humanity… there is no in between?

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Kids Learning Games Summary

The educational games we listed above can help your little one build social skills, creativity, responsibility, coordination and develop skills for subjects such as language, math, and science.

We hope you enjoy our list of the top 50 kids educational games.  Kids learning games are great for family bonding. Playing games with your kids  will help them build confidence and character.


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Kids Learning Games – Top 50 Educational Games

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