Parents That Have Kids With Behavior Problems, Get Kids The Manual

​Parents That Have Kids With Behavior Problems
Get Kids The Manual


Kids with Behavior Problems

You’re certainly not alone if you have kids with behavior problems. Fortunately, there is a proven solution and it’s called, Kids The Manual. Interested in learning more? Let’s get started…

Yes, kids are wonderful, until they're not.When you have experienced persistent symptomslike whining, crying, fighting one another, even biting other children, that’s enough. When they refuse to listento you, even though you’ve sternly warned them three or four times already or when they would rather argue or negotiate instead, it’s exasperating.Kids with behavior problems are common. But reliable methods that help alleviate those problems are all too rare.

Are You Stressed Out Because Of Your Kids Behavior Problems?

kids with behavior problems

When you’ve had enough of their nonsense and you’re ready to blow up. What do you do next? You probably wish you had a  switch that you could simply flip that would instantly turn them into good kids again. The next best thing would be to have the knowledge and tools to counter the bad behavior demonstrated by your children and turn it around into positive responses.

Some people think bad behavior is all part of the experience of dealing with growing kids. But when it's a consistent problem…it's a big problem. And you need to do something about it before it only gets worse.

Bad behavior begets more of the same. And that only increases your stress and anxiety.  You wonder what went wrong? And you're embarrassed by your children's behavior in public, while they feel no shame whatsoever. Does some of these problems sound familiar?

Help For Parents That Have Kids With Behavior Problems

When it gets to this point, actually long before it gets to this point, you need to seek some form of help. The kind of help that we found and can heartily recommend is a training program called, Kids The Manual. It’s designed to help parents deal with kids with behavior problems of all kinds and it's a handy all-in-one solution.

Kids The Manual- by Dana Obleman

Dana Obleman is a well-known authority in the area of child training, who has so far helped tens of thousands of families through the sometimes intensely challenging times of poor behavior.

Kids the Manual is a straightforward and no-nonsense approach to eliminating problem behavior. And we can tell you from experience that it works and works well.

Inside, you’ll find plenty of actionable tips providedwith well-reasoned explanationsthat make a lot of sense. The course reveals such things as how to use timeouts effectively and when you might not want to use them. It’s a position that never occurred to us before but makes logical sense now. You’ll also learn things like how to get your kids to actually enjoy doing chores. It doesn't work every time but when it does, it's magical.

One of the most valuable takeaways we learned as parents was how to get the kids to listen to us once and for all. That was a Godsend.

But the most valuable pieces of information of all we gleaned from the guide, Kids The Manual was how to use good behavior to replace bad behavior. Equally valuable was discovering the importance of teaching kids that there's a difference between punishment and consequences. By focusing more on natural consequences, we were able to teach our children right from wrongwithout having to use the threat of punishment. Try it…it works like magic when you get it right.

What's Included In The Manual?

  1. ​Kids The Manual Training Course (A 100-page manual and the only program of its kind created specifically for children aged 2 to 12)
  2. ​Kids The Manual: Workbook Quick-Start Guide (33 pages)
  3. ​Large collection of goal charts, achievement certificates, and reward coupons to give your children whenever they impress you with their new behaviors
  4.  ​Video resource library (A 10-video package that covers all the key ideas in short, to-the-point, videos that average out to about 8 minutes each)

Kids The Manual also comes complete with a 12-month guarantee. So, if you think the behavior problems your kids have may be too much of a challenge for any kind of published resource on this subject…why not put it to the test? You’ve got a full year to apply what you learn. And if it doesn’t work to your satisfaction, you get a refund. The price is very fair, the course is high quality and you get a 12-month guarantee. There’s no way to lose.

Kids: The Manual is much, much more than just a book. As you’ll see, it also includes a complete video library, reward charts, and loads of other valuable resources to help Mom's deal with kids with behavior problems.

  • ​Kids: The Manual (100 pages of no-nonsense, to-the-point solutions to your biggest parenting problems).
  • ​Bonus #1: Kids: The Workbook Quick-Start Guide
  • ​Bonus #2: Reward & Achievement Resource Package
  • ​Bonus #3: Video Resource Library
Kids The Manual


Kids The Manual – PROS and CONS


  • Video library is very helpful in emphasizing specific key lessons
  • As the parent, you learn how to discipline your kids in a way that doesn’t make you angry or them.
  • You can begin to discover these tried and true “secrets” immediately - literally minutes after purchasing (since everything is available as an instant download)
  • Lessons about relevant consequences are particularly brilliant and the impact it has on kids is very rewarding once they begin to take those consequences into consideration
  • For us the biggest benefits are confidence and less stress. Kids will behave badly at times, that’s a fact. It’s important to know how to best handle those situations. With Kids The Manual, you gain the confidence and eliminate a lot of the stress by using proven techniques that really work.
  • Concepts taught are well reasoned and explained methods (you can see why it’s good advice)
  • Quite effective at interrupting tantrums and stopping them before they erupt (and allowing children to calm down in the process – you’ll feel like a confident parent again)


  • Text material needs to be downloaded to an e-reader or tablet- or printed out as a PDF
  • Extensive materials (there is a lot of information to digest in the whole program but it’s a very organized training)


kids with behavior problems
kids with behavior problems

Kids The Manual for Kids With Behavior Problems - Our Verdict

Kids The Manual isn’t a book you read through once and then store it away on a bookshelf or in your closet. It’s a valuable resource parents that have kids with behavior problems. You can refer to again and again whenever you need it. Remember, bad behavior isn’t something they’ll just grow out of naturally on their own. In fact, there’s a good chance that such behavior will only get worse if you don’t take corrective measures now.

When you're exhausted yourself and stressed out by multiple demands at work world, it’s difficult at times to be the best parent. But your kids need you to show them the way. With Kids The Manual, you’ll have the answers…proven solutions that really work.

Just remember, when your kids act up, calm down and take a step back. Refer back to the PDF course or one of the video segments and you’ll know exactly how to respond. You’ll be glad you purchased Kids The Manual.

See our ratings and our overall verdict below:

Don’t give up, follow the techniques in Kids The Manual, it really works. It’s everything you need to help your kids with behavior problems!

Everything You Need to
Eliminate Bad Behavioral
Patterns In Kids 

kids with behavior problems


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