Newborn Checklist: Plan Ahead Before Baby Arrives
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Newborn Checklist: Plan Ahead Before Baby Arrives

Expecting a new baby? You need to start working on your newborn checklist. It’s important to get your home ready prior to the birth of your newborn baby. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you haven’t made the necessary arrangements or don’t have the required essentials at home?

Newborn Checklist: Complete This List Before Your Baby Arrives.

Newborn Checklist Plan Ahead Before Baby Arrives

1. Finalize your birth plan, it is personal to you and should reflect your wishes and preferences

2. Verify your insurance coverage. Make sure you understand how your insurance covers pregnancy, delivery and post delivery. Also make sure all of your medical care is in network.

3. Start practicing breathing and relaxation techniques so you are best prepared for labor pains. Consult with your Doctor to learn more about best methods.

4. Ensure your hospital bag is packed and ready to go. You don’t know when your little one will arrive.

5. For your baby to sleep at home, you’ll start with a bassinet, get it set up close to your bed.

6. Eventually you’ll transistion your baby to a crib/bed. Make sure you have a mattress and a tight-fitting sheet ready to go for the crib.

7. Set up your baby’s changing station and organize/stock with all the essentials.

8. Ensure that you have plenty of swaddling blankets, burp cloths, wipes and diapers, wash cloths, blankets, sheets and etc. Make sure everything is washed thoroughly. Also it’s wise to place burp cloths in several rooms where you can easily access.

9. Set up and test your baby monitor.

10. Get a garbage container with a sealed lid that you can operate with your foot set up next to the baby’s changing station.

11. Make sure you have plenty of diaper rash oil, lotion and balm.

12. Laundry detergents; avoid detergents with any combination of perfume or dye. Detergents containing these two chemicals can irriatate your baby’s skin.

13. Get a wipe warmer, cold wipes can distress your baby.

14. A sturdy and comfortable rocking chair is a necessasity plus a good nursing pillow.

15. While you are nursing stock up on reusable breast pads plus you will need cream to help with sore nipples.

16. Get plenty of nursing bras and ensure they are all properly adjusted.

17. While you are nursing your baby, keep plenty of healthy snacks available, you will need the extra nutrition.

18. Keep a working a fan in your baby’s sleeping room. Some experts believe airflow helps prevent SIDS.

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19. To keep yourself occupied while baby is nursing you’ll need your laptop or some good books to read so you don’t fall asleep.

20. For daily errands and other travel, it is good to stock your baby’s diaper bag to capacity.

21. Get plenty of nursing bras and ensure they are all properly adjusted.

22. Consider hiring a maid for a few months months so you have more quality time with your newborn.

23. Make sure you have plans in place to ensure your other kids and pets are taken care of.

24. You will have birth pains, keep a heating pad next to your bed.

Newborn Checklist25. Stock up on a few extra bed sheets to be used in case you experience some night time leaks.

26. Buy some extra big menstrual pads, you’ll probably need them.

27. Get a small spray bottle, this will come in handy to use for a few weeks after delivery. Because you will be so tender when you wipe, fill the spray bottle with warm water and spray as needed when you have to wipe.

28. You may need some stool softeners and over the counter painkillers when you come home after delivery. Always check with your Doctor before you take any medications especially if you are breastfeeding.

29. Check with your Doctor but prenatal vitamins often are helpful.

30. Prepare as many freezer meals in advance as you can for you and the rest of the family. For the first few weeks after delivery you will not feel like cooking. Plan ahead!

31. Baby car seat Baby car seat; do your research before your baby arrives so you can purchase a car seat and have it installed in your car. Don’t forget you want a rear facing car seat.

32. Breast pumps are a necceassity. Make sure you have spares and always ensure they are cleaned after each use.

33. Gather up all those baby’s pacifiers and bottles and make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and ready for your little one.

34. Select the right pediatrician, do your research upfront to make sure you like the Pediatrician and that he/she is in your insurance network. Get your first appointment scheduled.

35. Post delivery, you will need a donut cushion or a waffle pad to help when sitting for a few weeks after delivery.

36. To counter some of the pain you may experience after delivery, witch hazel pads can be very helpful.

37. Be prepared to record all those special moments you will experience; get your camera ready and personal journal. Keep them close to you so you can record all those special memories.

Getting ready for a newborn can be intimidating for sure. By completing this newborn checklist you’ll be better prepared than most and hopefully have more time to you enjoy your precious new gift of life.

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