Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor Review

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor Review

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor, tracks sleep data, heart rate and oxygen levels while your baby sleeps.

The new baby is finally home! But after a while, the excitement wears off and the reality sinks in when you start to experience the 3-4 hours of sleep and sometimes there owlet smart sock 2 baby monitor will be nights with none at all.

The frenzy of diaper changing and feeding collides with anxiety on your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels to be in normal range slowly rubs in.

You begin to wish for even just one night and have that someone to be “Up all night so you don’t have to be” to help you recharge the drained energy.

This is your lucky day! That is exactly Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor’s promise to you. The FSA/HAS approved at home Baby Monitor is not your usual video monitor that only shows physically how your baby is doing.

The Best Baby Monitor tracks sleep data and give live readings on heart rate and oxygen levels through Pulse Oximetry. It sends the information via Bluetooth on a lighted device and gives you a notification through an app on your phone. It notifies you only when it matters most through the sound and color-coordinated system. Talk about less anxiety for parents and better sleep for everyone!

$272.00 Note: Price subject to change without notice. Check Amazon for today’s best price!

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor Details and Specifications:

Item Weight: 1 pound
Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.7 inches
Communication Technology: Wifi
Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries (included)
Material Certification: BPA, ETL listed, lead-free and latex-free

Socks Sizes

The package includes washable socks in three colors, mint green, pink or blue with sizes depending on age or whichever is more comfortable to the baby’s foot as some babies are bigger when compared to the average weights.

Size 1: 1 month
Size 2: 1-3 months
Size 3: 3-18 months


Smart Sock 2 sensor reads the heart rate and oxygen levels of your baby. It is placed inside the sock and centered visibly on the sock windows to give live readings.

Base Station

Sock Light – the small light button found at the back green light indicates sock is connected.
WiFi Light – green light ensures connectivity of the base station to the internet.
Status Light – the light ring that lets you know the status of your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

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best baby breathing monitor

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor Key Features

Live Heart Rate and Oxygen Data

Known as Mom’s pick for the year, Baby Monitor by Owlet is for gathering live readings of baby’s heart and Oxygen level to keep track the well-being of babies from 0 to 18 months of age.

Washable Socks

A must need for baby things is for it to be washable because having babies also means mess here and there, now and then. Such thoughtful consideration was made by the makers of this Baby Monitor because it has baby-safe material that is easily washable.

Interchangeable Socks

The Owlet Smart Sock2 can be put on either the right or the left foot. For more reliable readings, it is best to ensure proper placement on either foot where the notch and sock sensor is just about outside the foot but behind the pinky toe. On the right foot, the dome should be on top of the big toe and when placed on the left foot it should be at the bottom of the foot.

Charging plugs

Micro USB charging ports are found on the Base Station where the sensor needs to be charged for 3 hours but will run for a good about 18 hour period.

Owlet’s App – iPhone or Android compatible mobile application that you can easily download or adjust to your preference. It can be used for both parents as a way to closely monitor the heart rate and oxygen levels of their baby or babies.

Base Station Color reference for the Status Light:

  • Blinking Green Light – the color signals the base station getting the first heart rate and oxygen readings.
  • Slow pulse green light – signals that a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels are readable and within range.
  • White static light– shows when the Smart Sock is plugged in and charging. This takes up to when charging up to three hours but could function well for 18 hours.
  • Blue flashing light – it will indicate that the smart sock is disconnected from the Base station. This is the case when it is too far in range. The lights alert with a sweet lullaby (Hush Little Baby song).
  • Yellow flashing light – a warning with a soft music tune to indicate that the sock either has fell off or is poorly placed on the foot.
  • Red flashing light – the alert to be conscious about comes with sound to warn parents of either heart rates or oxygen level to be below or beyond the preset range.

If lights may be a bit blinding, no worries just press down to hear the click and the light will dim or a tolerable shade appears.?

Best Baby Breathing Monitor

It is amazing to know that this was not a random product designed for creating profit and riding on tailcoats of innovative gadgets. It was an honest attempt as a solution for rising concerns of first-time parents. After all most of them need a few hours of sleep at night to be fully functional in their day jobs. The geniuses behind this product are thoughtful fathers themselves, finding ways and means to give the best support to their wives and be the best dads to their children.

Proven and Tested

The Smart Sock 2 wraps comfortably in your baby’s foot to monitor heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleeping patterns through the clinically proven Pulse Oximetry. The material used is dermatologically checked to ensure safety for baby’s sensitive skin.


Get notifications that only matters as it can give live readings but automatically pause when a baby is moving about to ensure true readings. The phone app even shows you when the baby’s feet is wiggling from time to time.

Now ask the question, “Is it really worth it”?

The answer: Isn’t your baby’s health important?

Because we often hear the saying, “Better to be safe than sorry”, many parents are grateful for this life-saving baby item. And below is to help you make the choice of getting the Owlet Smart Sock2 Baby Monitor.

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Track Historic Sleep Cycle Data – Connected care though a paid subscription is a good way to understand your babies sleeping patterns. It collects data as far back as a month’s readings so you can see the changes or possible differences on their well-being.

Manage Twins & Multiples in 1 App – they designed the readings of singles or multiple babies one at a time to be passed through the base station and both phones of the parents.

Majority of parents who purchased this item happily reported having 94% better sleep and 96% less of anxiety experienced.

Real-time readings – working parents can look through babies reading while even at work when they log in through the Owlet App. The special paid subscription of Connected Care can give a history of baby’s sleeping patterns and guide parents into setting effectively nap time or long sleeping periods.


Motion sensitive – Vibrating mats, rocking device or swing will disrupt actual readings. This is not advised to be used when putting a baby on this kind of environment with too much motion.

Power supply and Connectivity – The Base station needs to be constantly plugged in and within a 100-foot range. When wanting to get notifications via a phone app, one must constantly be on WiFi to get real-time information. It requires iOS 8 or higher Android 4.4 device when opting for phone monitoring.

Heart and Oxygen Level – The preset range on the app may be a bit low below the standard when compared to hospital baby monitors or local clinic pulse oximetry devices. The heart rate of 60 – 220 might as well be adjusted to the standardized level between 70 while the oxygen level of less than 80 should already set off a warning.

Foot Burn or mark – Many reviews had mentioned this incident and the company confidently addressed this concern in an article they published on their website. It was stressed that the mark was from friction and not an electrical burn. Besides, just as diapers or tight clothing leave marks on our baby’s sensitive skin, parents can adjust to the matter and make it more comfortable for our little ones. Another option is to wear the smart sock 2 in long sleep duration or when parents are a little preoccupied for chores at the moment and in other times, attentive caring for the baby is highly encouraged to have first-hand monitoring of baby’s vital signs. The point? You do not need to wear it 24/7, give it a rest here and there. Be ready as anxiety on parenthood rarely goes away. Ease up a bit and do enjoy more caring for your caboodles and less of the worrying. After all, you have the faithful Owlet Connected Care that gives you a rundown on patterns of sleep and vital signs for a week and more.

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor, Our Verdict

Owlet Smart Sock2 revolutionized baby monitors a fair deal level when compared to those in hospital settings. Considered the best baby monitor and the leading in innovation and reliability the actual home-based reading monitor was compared to a competitor brand by researchers and was found to have a higher rate of reliability. Efficient early detection of low oxygen levels proved its efficacy in a few life-threatening incidents as attested by parents expressing gratitude to Owlet.

The Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor although not a medical device can take the load off your shoulders especially for preemie babies or if your family has a history of respiratory, heart and sleep problems.

In as much as it can help with a way to lessen anxiety over baby’s well-being, careful incorporation of this data into medical conditions are still being attributed to professionals. But basic functions and timely notifications for this best home breathing monitor is well worth the cost and value for the majority of the parents.

So if you want that extra zzzzzz’s and lessen the sleeping time anxiety, Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor is the faithful night helper that gives you that enough sleep to recharge the vigor of caring for your precious bundle of joy!

See our ratings and verdict below…

Price: HIGH | Quality: HIGH | Safety: HIGH | Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5

We hope this Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor review helps with your search for the best baby breathing monitor for your child.

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