Exercise and Positive Motivation

Exercise and Positive Motivation

Positive Motivation, this is part 14 in our twenty-part series designed to help you better understand Serious Weight Loss For Women.

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Part 14: You are here – Positive Motivation

Do you find exercise challenging or difficult?

Positive MotivationIf so, a little positive motivation can go a long way. Like a lot of people, regular exercise for me was an immense challenge when I first set out to lose weight. I was no athlete and for years I figured exercise was for those who actually enjoyed pushing their bodies to the limit.

But like a lot of things, doing something over and over again makes it easier to do more of in the future. The trick is to ease in to exercise and ramp up the pace as you go. Do this and stick with it, something amazing can happen to you as it happened to me. You just might start enjoying exercise!

Most believe they’d never get to the point where exercising was something they actually looked forward to. After all, exercise isn’t easy. It challenges the body physically. But exercise triggers the release of endorphins which makes you feel great.

Nothing beats regular exercise. It’s beneficial to you in multiple ways.

Exercise can be tough. Then again, it wouldn’t be nearly as effective if it didn’t challenge both the mind and body. Sure it can be difficult to get up off the couch to go exercise. But exercise is a key treason many weight loss success stories.

The nature of exercise harmonizes perfectly with any healthy weight loss goal.

You can’t burn fat more effectively than through rigorous exercise. But it’s important to build yourself up gradually.

Exercise burns fat, optimizes metabolism, increases energy and lifts your spirits. Exercise can even help repair vital organs like the liver. It gives you a boost mentally too. Documented medical studies link better brain health to regular exercise.

Do you find yourself skipping exercise frequently?

A faster way to any weight loss goal involves exercise. Avoiding exercise only inhibits your advances toward your weight loss goal. If you desire a lean, healthy and sexy body – you simply must exercise. End of story.

Sure, some slim women out there say they don’t bother to exercise. They might look attractive and be a comfortable weight, but they might have sacrificed lean muscle mass just to lose weight. And they can’t be as healthy as someone who exercises several times every week.

You tend to lose lean muscle mass on a diet that is restrictive and not based on balanced nutrition. Severely cutting your calorie consumption can help you lose weight. But you actually end up with less muscle and more water and body fat. Not exactly the ideal outcome.

Does any woman really want to carry more body fat and water on their body?

I doubt it. If you want to look your best, with a lean and fit body, proper diet and exercise will always get you there. But it’s important to stay committed to your goal and keep your eyes on the prize. You need positive motivation so you stick with it – even when your muscles ache during those intense workouts.

How can you maintain positive motivation with exercise?

Improve your attitude towards exercise – here’s how:

1. Take Baby Steps – You might have heard about people who lost a lot of weight as a result of working out for multiple hours each day, every day of the week. There are lots of ways to exercise. Some run marathons – others toss around enormous truck tires to burn off calories.

But that’s not necessary and it’s definitely not the place to start. If you set a fitness goal that’s too ambitious in the beginning – it will hurt you more than help you. That’s because you’ll lose any positive motivation you had when you set out on your weight loss journey. Forget what others are doing. Instead, focus you attention on the exercises you can comfortably accomplish at your current level of conditioning.

Set small goals and aim for consistency. Consistency is the key because it keeps you in the game. When it feels good and natural to exercise, you’re motivated. This is the best time to set your next, slightly higher fitness goal. If you’re a complete beginner, it’s important to take your time. Get comfortable with exercising in general and whatever you choose to do for exercise.

2. Start a Fitness Journal – Journaling is can fuel your positive motivation towards exercise. Log every set and exercise you’ve complete each day. Jot down some short notes about your thoughts and feelings as you continue on your journey.

Think of a new exercise you’d like to try? Record it in your journal. It’s also a great idea to use your fitness journal to record the daily food choices that you make. You will find that the choices you make about the foods you eat get better as you work your way towards your goals.

3. Stop Being Guilty – Miss a day or two of exercise when other things are going on in your life? Don’t beat yourself up or feel guilty about it. Life happens. So it’s important to be when you’re on the path towards weight loss. What’s most important is that you get back on the horse the next day and continue working out.

4. Be Your own Fitness Star – Forget about comparing yourself to anyone else. Those folks may be stronger/fitter/faster – whatever. So what?

Be the best you can be. Focus on becoming stronger and enjoying your workouts – as imperfect as they may be. Exercise is not about perfection – it’s about burning calories transforming your body into a leaner and stronger version of you than existed before.

5. Create a Sturdy Support Network – Lean on your support network of family and friends who understand what you’re trying to do in your weight loss efforts. Having this kind of support can make all the difference.

From an emotional standpoint, weight loss is a rollercoaster. At times, you’ll want to quit – forever. When that feeling overcomes you – that’s when you need to reach out to your support network. Those in your network will give you the positive motivation you need to help you get back on track and edging closer towards your weight loss goals.

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