Uppababy Car Seat Stroller Review

Uppababy Car Seat Stroller Review

The Uppababy car seat stroller also known as the Uppababy Vista stroller works as an infant stroller, a toddler stroller and includes a bassinet, toddler seat, an adjustable canopy with peek-a-boo window and much more.

Uppababy Car Seat StrollerMoms, make way for the lifesaver modular Uppababy Car Seat Stroller. Since motherhood is indeed juggling time and physical work with just two hands, this specially designed baby must have helper is our dream come true!

Back then, I remember myself wrestling with other baby equipment just so to get through a simple trip to the supermarket. Other days I spend more time and energy setting up baby gear and ended up canceling the play date due to frustration.

In big families, parents leave babies or smaller kids to experience a hassle-free vacation but end up feeling guilty and incomplete the whole time. If only there is an option to huddle everyone yet still keep your sanity all throughout the travel. Yes, moms and dads, we are in luck because indeed there is a way!

The 2017 Vista collection from Uppababy is the dream come true. A gorgeous array of colors on hand-sewn high-quality leather creates beauty and excellence for a whole new baby gear experience. A perfect match for growing or big families, as it caters from birth or high up their toddler years.

$929.99 Note: Price subject to change without notice. Check Amazon for today’s best price!

Uppababy Vista Stroller Has Multiple Configurations

This helps you easily transition from infant set up with the bassinet and the toddler seat when growing older.

A baby with two other siblings, keeping them in one place while you shop is as easy as pie. The UppababyVista Stroller can have toddler seats and the rumble seat for older kids with just a click away.

The seats can be placed on a reclined position or facing forward to let older kids enjoy the view during the stroll. Some prefer opposite directions with the younger kids facing the parents. It can have up to three kids when piggyback board is attached to the bottom basket.

Uppababy Car Seat Stroller Design Details

Now look closely how cleverly designed and versatile this stroller is as we explore its unique specifications in detail:

Dimensions and Weight:
Unfolded – 36″L x 25.7″W x 39.5″ H
Folded with attached seat – 17.3″L x 25.7″ W x 33″H
Folded without attached seat – 16.8″L x 25.7″ W x 33″ H
Weight(with Canopy, basket, and wheels on)
Frame with seat – 26.6 lbs
Frame – 19.3 lbs
Seat – 7.3lbs
Bassinet – 8.8 lbs

Stroller Frame

  • Has 100% full-grain leather accents for both the handlebar and bumper creating that rich and classic look. The leather is hand sewn for durability and with a perforated design for a firm grip when pushing the stroller and added resiliency on the bumper bar to easily clean up the mess from sticky fingers caused by a snack or meal.
  • The 18” telescoping handlebar is a compliment for a one-step fold storage.
  • The frame is 25.7” with an extendable height of 39.5 – 42.5” from the rear tires to the handlebars.
  • No puncture guarantee suspension on the four wheels work smoothly on bumpy pavements.
  • Front tires are made from rubber and plastic exterior with a height of 8” while the rear tires measure 11.5”.
  • Bumpers ensure safety and standing storage position make cleaning easy while keeping away ground dirt.
  • Extra-large, easy access basket at the bottom can carry up to 30lbs.


  • Recommended for new-borns up to about 20lbs. This can be used until such when they can push up on their hands or kneesbut cannot climb up yet.
  • Measures 5” when folded and reaching 7” up to the canopy handle.
  • When opened, it is 30.2”long, 10” tall for the sleeping area and 24.7” from the base to the canopy.
  • The canopy handlebar is about 16.6”longcovering almost half of the body at 16.5”.
  • Can be an overnight sleep solution placed beside a bed for traveling. No need to fuss over request or availability of crib or cot in your preferred hotel. This can also be easily removed with a one hand snap button found in the canopy handle bar.
  • It has a slightly longer mattress for a roomy sleeping arrangement for the growing baby.
  • The mattress is perforated with a vented base and peek a boo canopy on magnetic closure for added breathability and accessibility.

Toddler Seat

  • Highly recommended from 3-month-old babies or kids weighing up to 50lbs.
  • Full-size forward and parent-facing position
  • The adjustable footrest is about 11” with the base seat of 9.5”and full body reaching a 21-23”tall from the base seat to the canopy overhead.
  • The one-handed, multi-position recline feature can easily adjust to your specifications with a pivoting bumper bar upfront.
  • Designed to meet the growing curiosity of your child, it can be placed in several positions wherein your toddler can ride it forwards, backward, reclined or completely in an upright position while enjoying the view of the stroll.
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Uppababy Vista Stroller Key Features

  • The Stroller frame is lightweight with durable performance. It is an intuitive design with a one step-fold that stands on its own with or without the seat attached.
  • All materials and fabric are water-repellant on the inner liner and boot cover that is a zip-out design for easy removal and cleaning.
  • The bassinet is a safe overnight-sleep solution when traveling with one button release from the frame.
  • All seats have pop-out sunshade UbUV50 + protection with ventilated canopy for added airflow.
  • Shock absorbing four-wheel suspension ensures a smooth ride all throughout giving both comfort to the kids and enjoyment to the parents.
  • One-handed telescoping handlebar with full-grain leather accents adjusts to parents with different heights as well as compliment the one-step fold for storage.

What’s so special about the Uppababy Vista Stroller?

uppababy vista strollerConvertibility and Compatibility

From a single stroller for newborns to older babies and toddler tandem and even with 3 kids to tow is no problem at all with the Uppababy Vista Stroller. Most additional accessories like is just one click away to make a variety of configurations that best suit your needs. The Rumble Seat attached to the stroller frame can be placed forward-facing, parent facing or in a reclined position.

Mesa Infant Car Seat placed on can give both portability and safety. The frame is so flexible that it was even designed to be compatible with other selected car seat brands.

Extra-large, easy access basket

This has become the most favorite feature of the Uppababy Vista Stroller. You do not need to fret about forgetting something or not having enough space for your, diaper bag, water bottles, extra clothes, baby toys, blankets or your personal cosmetic bag. It all fits perfectly well whether placed on a separate basket or slipped through the pocket holes of the basket. It holds all things in place as well as provide additional space for your store purchases.

Safety and Sanitation

The bassinet is designed to give comfort and safety to your precious one. The material is of high quality and adheres to standard on newborn specifications. It is well ventilated with a peek-a-boo window on magnetic closure. The inner lining and other mattress cover are of good quality material easily removed for cleaning. A bug shield keeps your little one escape mosquitoes and other insects. The toddler and rumble seat is made with a 5 point harness for optimal safety and comfort. It also has a bug shield and rain shield in case of bad weather conditions. All have UPF 50+ pop-out sunshades on their canopy to provide thorough protection on your child’s delicate skin. The bumper and belly bar has a well-crafted leather coating for better grip as well as easy cleaning from food or dust residues.

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Uppababy Vista PROS and CONS


To highlight the need to add Uppababy Vista Stroller to your baby gear, let us go through the undeniable versatility of the product:

Assembly and Storage – Most of the parts come together in just a click or snap with no need for other tools. The frame is easily stored with just a one-step fold away and stands up on its own keeping it free of dirt or other substances from the ground.

Multiple Configurations – You get the bassinet for newborns up to 2-6 months which is perfect for naps on the go and guaranteed safe for an overnight sleep at home or in a hotel. The toddler seat is a one pull away mechanism for a variety of reclining positions. The frame can house more accessories like a rumble seat for older kids and is compatible with Mesa car seat and other brands. This product may start off as a single stroller but can easily be converted to tow 3 kids in a row.

Safety – both toddler and rumble seats have a 5 point harness to securely place the child. The bumper bar is so easy to place as add on safety from falling off or precaution against something that might directly be bumped into your kid up front.

Extra-large/multipurpose basket – The adequate space provided at the bottom can help you carry baby necessities, personal items as well as store purchases relieving your shoulders of muscle sore from carrying bulky or heavy bags. It is exciting to note that this converts into another seat option for older kids with the attachment of the Piggyback board.

Quality – The frame is a combination of aluminum and magnesium enclosed with the well-ventilated fabric having a zip-out design for easy removal and cleaning. The handlebars and belly bars are made with premium leather for better grip and easy cleaning.

Performance and Durability: The suspension tires are made to withstand shock when pushing through challenging terrain to protect the kids’ back and maintain the durability of the stroller. One hand manoeuvre is possible as you can smoothly work your way through busy streets or crowded store alleys. Most dads with bulky hands love the one click on and off foot brake because it is more convenient when compared with hand brakes on handlebars that seems to get in the way most of the time.


Most companies grow and thrive in the industry because it is able to turn customer feedback into special features in their new products. So below are a few things I believe they can improve on:

Bulky for trunk storage – Depending on the brand of car you have, smaller size compartments or trunk storage may present a problem with the Uppababy Vista Stroller especially on full set up for three kids.

Seat Placement – The toddler seat can only be placed on top disregarding the bassinet. When having a new born and a toddler, it is best to add on a rumble seat to effectively position both seats for the kids on the stroller frame. Another option is to place the bassinet on top and add the Piggyback board to have the older kid ride on the bottom basket instead.

Weight Limit – The toddler seat can carry only up to 35lbs while the rumble seat up to 50lbs.

Price – Most strollers range between $200-700 and so this may be a big investment for others with the cost of almost $900. As only the bassinet and toddler seat is included with the initial package, additional accessories to cater 3 kids reach up to $1200 purchased separately.

Bassinet – The Bassinet is indeed ideal for first-time moms but may be of no use for those with older babies that which jump off to the toddler seat on first use.

Uppababy Car Seat Stroller – Our Verdict

Hearing out all the good stuff and a few downsides to owning an Uppababy Vista Stroller, I think you are ready to head to your nearest store. This modular type of stroller with mainly focus on flexibility, durability, and safety.

Uppababy definitely knows that a family has multiple needs so its flexibility moves far ahead to give both parents and the kids an enjoyable ride. One child may be having a snack while another is playing yet the youngest can have a catnap.

Indeed, this is getting your money’s worth by multiple ways of enjoying a product that is bought with a single’s price! So if you want the ultimate hassle-free travel experience, get your Uppababy Vista Stroller now!

See our ratings and verdict below…

Price: HIGH | Quality: HIGH | Safety: HIGH | Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5

We hope this Uppababy Car Seat Stroller review helps with your search for the right stroller for your child.

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