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Vtech Baby Learning Walker

Vtech Baby Learning Walker

Vtech Baby Learning Walker Review

Vtech Baby Learning Walker is a best seller interactive learning walker for babies and toddlers 9 months to 3 years old.Vtech Baby Learning Walker

From the world leader of innovative interactive toys, comes the new version of Vtech Baby Learning Walker. This is part of their Sit-to-Stand series developed to grow with babies as they play along and discover colors, animal sounds, shapes, and numbers.

Moving away from traditional walkers with a sit only option that can be used for a short period of time, this indeed is a breath of fresh air for both the parents pocket and the full list of toddler activities.

On those days where you need to keep the little ones busy as you go about daily chores or you just want to encourage their learning skills and have fun singing and playing with this amazing baby walker.

$34.99 Note: Price subject to change without notice. Check Amazon for today’s best price!

Baby Learning Walker Details and Specifications

  • Color models: Blue, Orange, Lavender, and Pink
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 14.2 x 18.1 inches
  • Weight: 5lbs
  • Battery operated (2 ‘AA’ alkaline batteries)
  • Recommended Age: 9 month – 3 years

Package includes:

  • One Electronic activity panel (Detachable for floor-play fun) – this houses buttons and switches for a fun-filled learning activity that enhances both motor and sensory development.
  • One main walker body – solidly built to anchor and provide support for toddlers grabbing to stand up. While the rolling rattle at the bottom keeps them entertained while pushing the walker.
  • Two legs with wheels – Adjustable with a speed control switch for deep and strong traction on wooden flooring. The second option for faster speed provides minimal resistance for carpet flooring.
  • One walker handle – Sturdy and removable. Accurately designed for general height for growing babies to practice walking. Easy-grip design and contour angles that provide comfort and security for the little hands.
  • One telephone handset – Great for role-playing and other stimulating activities as you can hear animals singing when you pick it up while lights add exciting sound effects.
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Learning, Keeping It Fun and Rewarding

Language Development

  • Fun phrases from a five melody list of nursery rhymes that encourage early speech development.
  • Action songs can help improve brain and body coordination.
  • The telephone handset is a wonderful way to practice role-playing to develop early communication skills.

Motor Skills

  • Interactive learning from crawling, sitting up to play and pushing for a walk.
  • The two colorful rollers and three shape sorters help practice hand coordination and finger grip control.
  • The whimsical spinning gears lets them explore the concept of connectivity and functionality at an early stage.
  • The swinging doors help your child learn to play hide and seek with the duck.

Sensory Development Musical Creativity

  • Over 70 tunes with sing-along music and animal sounds.
  • 5 piano keys usher artistry and encourage self-discovery.
  • Three light-up buttons help your child discover and appreciate control of switches and buttons and builds confidence.

Why Kids and Parents Love the Vtech Baby Learning Walker

Floor Play (Children from 9 months)

  • The removable activity panel can be used on the floor when the child is in a sitting position. At this stage  your child should have good neck and head Baby Learning Walkercontrol and be able to support their body with both hands.
  • Can start off in the crawling stage but still advised to be closely monitored by an adult.
  • Activity panel has a release lock securely located above the volume control which slides down to ensure proper placement or to easily release from the frame.

Walker (Children 12 months and above)

  • Walker is equipped with speed control on the two back wheels. Position one is for babies learning their first few steps. This ensures good traction on the floor and will not allow the walker to move too quickly. The second position has less tension intended for toddlers learning to walk and enables them to practice balance and foot control as the walker moves freely.
  • Activity panel, when attached to the main walker body, compliments the push activity of the child. It is motion activated so sound effects and melodies can be heard and keeps the entertainment playing while the toddler confidently pushes it around.

Learning Mode

  • Enhances motor skills, good hand and eye coordination as the child learns to sort and observe different shapes and colors through the flashing lights and buttons.
  • Creativity, exploring creativity through control knobs and switches gives the child confidence and self-discovery.
  • Shape sorter, introduces both the visual and identity when placed accordingly. Lights and melodies further stimulate your child.

Music Mode

  • Fosters artistry and sensory stimuli when animal sounds and nursery rhymes are played.
  • Interactive learning is encouraged when your child tries each button and discovers the variety of sounds made by each.
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  • Colorful and engaging activities keep your child engrossed in fun learning.
  • Can save you lots of time and effort as you are assured longer playtime due to the wide array of activities.
  • The automatic shut off feature that powers down the toy after approximately 60 seconds of inactivity will help you preserve the battery.
  • Volume control is efficient for the moderation of animals sounds as to not to scare off the baby but loud or clear enough for learning.
  • A good option for speed setting, slower for hardwood floors and the faster setting for carpet floors.
  • The height of the walker and the handle is a good match for babies starting to walk confidently.
  • A rubber seam at the tires prevents side to side motion.
  • Enough weight and solidly built (not to light) to better support your child when standing up.
  • Upon delivery, frustration-free packaging in a plain brown box, easy assembly and no tools needed for assembly.


  • Traction on the tires needs slight improvement, especially for tiled flooring.
  • A little adjustment on the rotating gears for easier manipulation.
  • The telephone handset easily gets lost so a cord is highly suggested to secure it.
  • Manual adjustments on the speed of the tires.
  • Key complaints between the old and the new version, the labels on the keyboard used to be in numbers which were preferred by parents and the fruits on the shape sorter were replaced with numbers, some parents prefer the former layout.

Vtech Baby Learning Walker, Our Verdict

The adaptive technology fosters easy transitions from the sit-to-stand stage and the baby walk stage. The interactive Vtech baby walker is a safe and guilt-free investment for your little one. A single interactive product with many activities for your child to learn and enjoy.

We highly recommend the Vtech Baby Learning Walker. After all, your child’s physical, mental and emotional development are always a priority.

A whole lot of value and entertainment for the price! See our ratings and verdict below…

Price: LOW | Quality: HIGH | Safety: HIGH | Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5

We hope this Vtech Baby Learning Walker review helps with your search for the best baby walker for your child.

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